Alpha X


Modern-day technologies like cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain is drawing maximum people attention nowadays. Blockchain has become a vital part of all innovations and holds the capacity to revolutionize the entire world. Because of this, a large number of entrepreneurs are indulging themselves in designing projects that include Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Alpha X is a project based on new age cryptocurrencies and script that uses completely proof of stake network. A team of expert entrepreneurs and skilled investors are involved in creating a Blockchain exchange platform that functions as a decentralized marketplace for consumers keeping a wish to get huge profits on their investments. A customer-friendly configuration that incorporates the traditional market system with Blockchain features.

Alpha X is going to conduct an IEO on starting from 16 September 2019 08:00 UTC.

The principal aim of Alpha X is to design a simple but ideal application that would bring together the sellers and the buyers and will highly motivate customers in generating sales. The most interesting part is there is no transaction limit and no commissions. It is completely based on PoS protocol that allows the cryptocurrency holders to receive bonuses. The Blockchain technology involved helps in eliminating all the shortcomings of the old system. It offers the same features and benefits like virtual cash and can be used conveniently in real-time liquidity. It offers an efficient plan for the whole market.

Are you wondering what the vital features of Alpha X are? Well! Then have a look at them:

  • Alpha X wallet: This is one of the safest applications where you can easily store your funds and work on Windows, Linux and Mac. It utilizes QT technology and all latest security features.
  • Alpha X currency: Also called AX coin is safe and fast cryptocurrency based on PoS technology that is used in the marketplace. You are getting a utility currency with all the latest functionality.
  • Alpha X mobile app: This application will help the users to obtain all coins under control. Transactions are easy as you are required to choose only the recipients from the contacts list. The application is user-friendly and is very easy to understand.
  • Alpha X market: Tools are offered to all individuals to create their decentralized online store where the stuff of all categories will be available and can make dealings for AX coins.
  • Alpha X debit card: One of the efficient tools for making payments for other stores. The entire team of experts have full confidence in AX coin liquidity and will provide its consumers with a tool that will have no limits in financial dealings.

MYLAXX – The decentralized Marketplace of Alpha-X

The entire business takes place in the decentralized marketplace and the transactions done are instant and takes place in real. Blockchain technology utilized here will change the whole scenario of the utility tokens. People can easily sell their goods as well as services for AX coins. All transactions are made directly between the buyer and the supplier. The name of this marketplace is MYLAXX and AlphaX is launching this decentralized marketplace soon.

How Alpha X is different from its competitors?

  • It is a complete decentralized system with no involvement of any human factor.
  • It provides high security with encryption, that will exceed the anonymity on the entire network.
  • In the marketplace Mylaxx, all AX coins related trade takes place.
  • It is free of charge and provides a peer to peer marketplace with crypto coins as the only mode of payment.
  • No middleman involved and users can enhance their sales without any commissions and obtain cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged from peer to peer with any other currency.
  • There are several incentives program for buyers and sellers for which the network will keep growing and the AX value will also increase in value.

The Alpha X project is highly motivating and can bring huge benefits for all early investors along with experts. With the network growing every day, the investment will grow to bring huge benefits for investors.

The Alpha X IEO will commence an IEO starting from 16 September 2019 08:00 UTC to 06 October 2019 08:00 UTC on the next generation cryptocurrency exchange

AX coin will be available for purchase as soon as the IEO starts. Hurry!

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