Since the first cryptocurrency was established back in 2009 (Bitcoin), modern, decentralized virtual currencies have risen in popularity exponentially. New, innovative coins are being released daily, having their own individual purpose. However, an interesting crypto that’s recently entered the market has undoubtedly caught our attention.

The newly-founded cryptocurrency is KAZANO COIN, and experts suggest this could hold some severe value soon. Because of the companies focus and forecasted results, we needed to develop a comprehensive guide showcasing this coin. But what even is a KAZANO?


KAZANO COIN (or Kaz Coin) will soon be available to trade publicly, and it’s transforming the way people gamble or play games online. Its primary focus is to regain reliability, fairness, and satisfaction in the online gambling market. In recent years, this has been tarnished because various crypto scams have pushed this type of betting environment into the ground.

However, this will soon be eliminated with this decentralized cryptocurrency that’s based on the Binance Smart Chain. Along with this, it’s supported by the Provably fairness algorithm, allowing users to gamble fairly without any fixed or non-computerized outcomes.

The coin’s development started in 2020, from Hong Kong’s marketing giants Qoozza. Since then, it’s gained immense popularity, accumulating 33,000 clients worldwide by January 2022. Including this, over 49 separate businesses have already confirmed they’ll be accepting this coin. Considering it’s not readily available to trade publicly yet, it’s an incredible amount of exposure.

Will KAZANO COIN be valuable?

The sheer value KAZANO COIN holds is immense, meaning it could withhold significant value soon. It fulfills a serious market gap, solves in-trend problems, and ultimately offers users a much more friendly online experience.

The global gambling market is forecasted to reach 97.69 billion dollars by 2025, increasing an average of 11.31% yearly. However, this growth has encountered many scams and unfaithful platforms that steal money from their users. But, with the KAZANO COIN, this will be eliminated.

Undeniably, the KAZANO COIN shows significant potential because it’s solving a prevalent issue. To help break this down further, here are three reasons why KAZANO can hold considerable value:

  • Withdrawal Reliability – Many online gambling websites that are built to make money from the consumer fraudulently will allow them to deposit funds but not withdraw. It’s a simple, one-way transaction that can easily be performed, resulting in users potentially giving money away. With operators that accept KAZANO COIN, this isn’t possible. Instead, Provably’s fair algorithm generates the outcome and keeps them in hash which players can later verify its legitimacy. 
  • Non-fixed gambling – Additionally, there have been platforms that have operated or man-made decisions that aren’t favorable to the users. Strategically performing this emotionally attaches the participant to the game, making them spend more. It’s completely unfair, and the KAZANO COIN removes this by implementing the Provably algorithm. 
  • Insurance certificate – Using KAZANO is like receiving an insurance certificate for your deposit, withdrawal, and fair gambling. Considering the market’s sheer size, it’s a valuable currency for users and investors.

All of the above is guaranteed through an algorithm called Provably fair. Because of this, the coin can revitalize the online gambling sector. But what is it?

Provably fair: Everything you need to know

Throughout the post, we’ve suggested that this cryptocurrency is linked to the Provably fair sophisticated algorithm but never thoroughly explained its significance.

Provably fair was designed to influence fairness in the online gambling world. Its algorithm generates an encrypted, unique key with the results which is then sent to the player. Including this, a separate key is automatically produced that’s used to verify the correctitude of the games after the session ends.

There’s a multitude of different ways in which Provably fair can operate. The most ordinary including the following variables:

  • Server seed – is provided by the online casino operator.
  • Client seed – comes from the browser which the user is playing on.
  • Nonce – each hand the user is delt, it’ll be increased by one. Doing this allows them to keep track of their hands after the session.

Combining all these encrypted pieces of data together offers users an entirely fair, friendly, and satisfying betting experience.

Why are Provably fair casinos better?

Now, you should better understand what KAZANO COIN and Provably fairness can offer the online betting community. However, to conclude this further, we’ve developed a “VS.” table below that compares both Provably-allowed and regular casinos.

Provably Fair Casino Regular Casino
With the Provably fair algorithm, users can later verify their results and confirm their legitimacy Regular casinos rely on randomly-generated outcomes which can easily be manipulated in favor of the casino
Highly trustworthy because it doesn’t require any third-party company to interfere with the results Without Probably fair, regular casinos can only be trusted when their governed body accredits them.
Supports cryptocurrencies like Kazano, decentralizing the currency They might not support any cryptocurrency and only traditional banking methods


Traditional methods don’t even come close when comparing the difference between Provably fair casinos and regular. Using KAZANO and its linked algorithm Provably ensures that users gambling online are being treated fairly.

It’s a concept that needs to be correctly implemented into the online gambling community, especially those that require a cryptocurrency for depositing purposes.

Why should you invest in KAZANO COIN now?

After reading the above, you should have a more comprehensive understanding of what KAZANO COIN is and how it can be utilized in a real-life situation. It’s an incredible cryptocurrency, which everyone should be considering investing in. To determine whether it’s the ideal crypto for you, reading the below should help conclude this.

1.         Highly demanded

Since decentralized currencies were available, many gambling sites have allowed these to be deposited as funds. However, it’s received a considerable amount of bad credit because of the blockchain’s nature.

There have been platforms that have unlawfully stolen from users and manipulated outcomes to encourage more spending, resulting in poor user experience. Word quickly spread about these issues, mostly tied to non-authorized gambling sites.

However, the problem is eliminated with KAZANO COIN and the Provably algorithm. Many platforms will offer KAZANO as a payable option to revitalize the online gambling industry. It provides peace of mind for the consumer, knowing they’re gambling on a trustworthy site.

Because of the above, we’re expecting KAZANO to increase radically. The online gambling industry will only grow, considering how our digitalized world is evolving. If more companies offer this cryptocurrency for depositing purposes, it’ll unquestionably rise in value.

2.         Excellent packages

The value of KAZANO is estimated to be around $0.2991 (from January 2022), but it still isn’t tradable to the public. Because of this, they’re offering KAZ token packages with pre-sale discounts and incentives. Currently, nine early-release packages are available. Such as:

Package Type Annual Profit
$60 Investment 5%
$150 Investment 7.5%
$300 Investment 10%
$750 Investment 15%
$1,500 Investment 35%
$3,000 Investment 45%
$7,000 Investment 60%
$11,000 Investment 75%
$20,000 Investment 105%


Considering the value in which the coin is forecasted to reach, the packages available are remarkable. Recently, they also burned 20 billion coins, meaning there’s only 7.5% left in circulation. This has increased their value further, making the packages a more desirable deal.

3.         Holds genuine value

Since cryptocurrencies were invented, there’s been an abundance. Many withhold significant value, others nothing at all. However, KAZANO COIN has been established with one goal in mind: make online gambling a fairer experience.

Because it’s such a large industry, many individuals desire this crypto. Once they gain the popularity they rightly should own, it’ll undoubtedly skyrocket in value and be used throughout the industry.

With 49 businesses and counting already accepting KAZANO in less than two years, this rise could be sooner than we might think. Therefore, taking full advantage of their current price and pre-sale discounts is worth considering.

4.         Already officially used

Additionally, it’s the first crypto that companies have accepted before it’s officially been offered to be publicly traded. Gambling websites worldwide have positively recognized the KAZANO COIN concept and are happy to accept it within the industry.

Many believe it’ll make online gambling a much fairer, pleasurable experience which could introduce more users to the industry. If the industry responded well to this new, revolutionary way of betting, more platforms would feel inclined to adopt this, increasing its value further.

Combining all of the above, the KAZANO COIN is a cryptocurrency you should be considering. The reason it was developed is in-demand, it offers tremendous advantages to the industry, and it’s already being accepted by many before its publicly released.

Where can you purchase KAZANO COIN?

The above offers a complete, in-depth guide to what KAZANO COIN is, along with various other pieces of helpful information that showcase its worth. As mentioned, the cryptocurrency isn’t available for public trading, but it’s offered on their website via different packages. There are nine packages available, each offering a different incentive. If you’re interested in investing in this coin or require further information, check out their website.