Today there are hundreds of tokens out there which are surging to new all time highs basking in the glory of the ongoing bull run, but only a few will survive the test of time. Most of the tokens try to milk on the trend without a long term goal and that reflects either in their heavy token issuance or very centralized functioning. Apart from Bitcoin, there hasn’t been any considerable contender for store of value token, and Binance Gold, a BSC based BEP-20 token aims to do just that with its innovative defi approach.

Binance Gold ($BNBG) is a collectible token for long term investment with regular burns creating an increasingly rare asset. Instead of taking the common route of launching a quadrillion token and then burning just a bunch to claim deflation, $BNBG on the other hand has a very limited supply of 100 million tokens. Out of these 100 million 25% has already been burnt, taking the total supply to 75 million. $BNBG aims to revolutionize the Defi staking and yield farming industry which has been on the decline in recent times.

Scarcity and regular burning would make the token more valuable as evident from the Binance token itself. Binance token earlier had a quarterly burn program which has helped the token surge by nearly 10X in March this year. However, Binance has now voted for a continuous burning program quite similar to Ethereum Eip1559, that burns tokens with each transaction, making it scarcer. The scarcity has proven to be a great stimulus for the price of the token as evident from Ether’s price momentum after the introduction of token bruning program.

What Makes $BNBG a Token Worth Hodling For Long Term

$BNBG takes passive income to the next level with its no nonsense reward system. The token holders start earning directly from passive income as 9% of every transaction is shared with holders in $BNB. To ensure ample liquidity and safety of funds, liquidity is locked and auto added as well as Burnt with each transaction, making it quite safe. 

Decentralized Finance or Defi rose to popularity in 2020 and within two years it has become a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to its passive income, decentralized banking facilities that made it popular in the mainstream. Now BNB Gold aims to take the staking and passive income to a new level with its limited supply and continued buyback and burn. The native token will become a new favorite of holders because of the quality that it possesses. The project has already cleared its first KYC-audit as the project got doxed making it more reliable for investors. The project also completed its first manual burn and has already been listed on Coin Arena as well as available for purchase on Pancake swap.

BNB Gold’s buy back program is one of the key aspects of its liquidity, token value and passive income.  3% of every transaction is purchased and then burned, in this way, the number of tokens decreases, so this one becomes more and more rare and this increasing all hodler’s values from each transaction.It also stabilizes the price by buybacks of the tokens, this provides a form of liquidity since being burned tokens cannot be be sold or recirculated. 

A Project Intended For Long Term Investment

Cryptocurrencies might be popular for being volatile and people making loads of money during bull markets. However, what many ignore is that the number of people losing their money during these volatile markets is higher than making big, thus new entrants and long term investors look for tokens and assets with potential to remain active and offer good dividends on their investment. BNB Gold has been designed keeping in mind these hodlers who look for a long term investment,

$BNB Gold would ensure a long liquidity mechanism through its burn process to keep the hodlers interested all along. Most of the traders abandon a project as soon as the liquidity and yield rewards end, however, with a 9% auto passive reward system and continuous burn program, $BNBG could become the next store of value token and an inflation hedge for investors from all walks of life be it retail or institutional investors.

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