The tweet of Kruger was based on data released on ViewBase – a platform where you can find information on coin dumps. Whether by fluctuating or fixed schedules, altcoins such as XRP (XRP) and Zcash (ZEC) are showing significantly higher inflation figures. For instance, the annualized inflation rate of Zcash (ZEC) is currently more than 35 percent.

Bitcoin News Today – Over 7,000 ZEC coins are minted every day. This figure results to about 0.098 percent attenuation of the circulating supply. A few months ago, Zcash discovered an inflation bug. This bug has the capacity to create an infinite number of ZEC tokens.

When it comes to fixed inflation, Ripple releases one billion XRP tokens every three months. The annualized inflation of XRP is about 30 percent. According to a previous report by Smartereum, some XRP enthusiasts have shown their disapproval with the constant release of XRP tokens in the market by Ripple. A few days ago, a major move was even noticed on the network. Ripple sent 100 million XRP worth about $26 million to Jed McCaleb – former Chief Technology Officer of Ripple. This move has sparked fears of more sell-offs.