Tron Foundation recently celebrated the news of its Chief Executive Officer, Justin Sun, winning the charity bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett, the prominent investor, followed by various developments in the ecosystem. The Tron weekly report highlighted these changes and progress in the Tron ecosystem.

The Foundation has optimized database storage and has completed the demo of web-log collectors. Apart from these, the team announced the launch of the Sun-network testnet. The team intends to complete block broadcast optimization by next week, along with pressure testing for complex anonymous transactions.

The report informed the community of the on-chain data, with 1366 nodes with 13 new nodes. The Tron block height is close to 10 million and the community awaits for it to achieve 10 million. Tron DApps have also led the game in terms of Volume in USD, leaving EOS and Ethereum [ETH] behind. The number of active users reached 372,000, and transactions were noted to be 5.24 million.

The Developer community has been working on various products like Atlas, BTFS, TronGrid, TRXMarket, Tronscan, and Tronlink, out of which BTFS has been well received by the community. As for Atlas, the developers have fixed the database performance and implemented the process setting of seed phrases.

At press time, Tron was spiking by 2.82% within the hour and was valued at $0.0315 with a market cap of $2.103 billion. The 24-hour trading volume of the coin was $907 million, as it plunged by 1.51% over the day. Over the past seven days, TRX fell by 14.56%.