We are happy to announce the launching of Hospitality Token in the upcoming days., a new token in the Binance Blockchain that will revolutionize the Real Estate investments through blockchain technology. A $228 trillion Dollar market with immense opportunities.

Decima Solutions is the developer of Hospitality Token. The only token out in the market that enables the issuance and distribution of tokenized securities backed by real assets in the hospitality industry. Decima’s goal is to transform investment in the hotel industry through tokenization, leveraging all of the benefits of blockchain technology to increase operational efficiency in fractional ownership and lower the barriers of entry to investment.

Hospitality Token has a tremendous team with vast experience in the Hospitality industry and Blockchain technology, which adds value and great expertise in the areas of this project, and this this just the beginning of a journey that will take us to be leaders in this segment.

Launching next week on DXsale !. Look us up after the 17th of March



The Hospitality Token Team