South Korea’s personal broadcasting transmission platform ‘POPKON TV’ will apply virtual asset ‘POPK’ applied with blockchain technology within the platform and hold a promotion to commemorate it from June 9.

POPK is a new virtual asset launched by distributed incentive live streaming trading platform POPKON Partners (CEO HA, Seung-Hyun) in collaboration with POPKON TV operator THE E&M Co., Ltd. POPK was listed on the U.S. virtual asset exchange “Bittrex Global” in March and Singapore’s virtual asset exchange “DigiFinex” in May.

POPK is a project designed to support more transparent compensation and more stable and autonomous ecosystem construction by breaking away from the opaque compensation system of existing centralized platforms based on the operation plan of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based on blockchain technology.

POPK can be purchased on the virtual asset exchange and moved to a wallet within the POPKON TV platform and can be converted into a sponsored item, COLA, and sponsored to a streamer. In addition, the streamers are characterized by enabling the creation of more diverse content by converting the COLA sponsored by the user into the POPK.

THE E&M Co., Ltd. will provide free 50 POPK to all users who participated in the event from 14:00 on June 9 (Thursday) to 14:00 on June 30 (Thursday) through a promotion to commemorate the application of POPK blockchain technology by POPKON TV. Details of the promotion can be found on the official website of POPKON TV. Meanwhile, POPKON TV is being simultaneously transmitted to more than 100 personal broadcasting-linked platforms in Korea.