X10 Legends, an entrant to the blossoming GameFi sector, is expanding the definition of NFTs by offering its version of NFT Martial Arts Legends. They are playable characters that go on quests to earn tokens. In contrast with static NFT, Heroes gain experience through these adventures and can be equipped with gear to increase their efficacy.

The blockchain game space has been owned by Axie Infinity, whose play-to-earn mechanics created livelihoods for players and made it on multiple headlines, but X10 Legends is gaining steam.

What’s driving the project’s growth and how does it work? Tom Leung, founder of the project thinks the project effectively combines DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements to create a real functioning economy.

A “real economy” here means one with multiple functioning parts. The most prominent of these parts are the X10 and SHL tokens, where players can not only stake liquidity to earn more tokens, but they can also be converted to Gold and Sliver to boost their characters and weapons in game.

Tom emphasized the value that stems from liquid in-game assets — instead of people holding digital items they can’t sell or gift to others, most everything in X10 Legends is a token that can be traded for other crypto assets. He contrasted the tokenized paradigm with Pokemon Go, where people may hold too many illiquid assets without the ability to transfer it to other users.

Tom believes the team’s enthusiasm is a reason to be bullish as well. “The team are pouring the heart and soul into this. The developers are delivering,” Tom said.

X10 Legends has an upcoming roadmap, which the game will be launched at end of the year. So there’s a lot for enthusiasts to look forward to.