Staking NFTs to get continuously growing token rewards.

Market liquidity is critical and plays a vital role in allowing buying and selling of BUBBLE tokens on PancakeSwap. In layman’s terms, think of liquidity as a large sum of money, split 50/50 between BUBBLE tokens and BNB tokens. There is a conversion ratio set to the number of BUBBLE you can get with BNB, eg: 1 BNB = 500,000 BUBBLE. When someone buys a BUBBLE, the price of each BUBBLE token goes up, and the ratio above changes at the same time. The same goes for the opposite direction of selling. Liquidity allows anyone to buy and sell their BUBBLE/BNB at any time, but the less money/liquidity you have in the pool, the worse the price you get, so what our BUBBLE auto-liquidity does is add more liquidity to that pool itself and thus solve the problem.

On every buy and sell order, a 4% tax is automatically stored in the LP wallet and built into the smart contract of our protocol, this mechanism cleverly withdraws 50% of the Bubble amount stored in the wallet and will automatically Buy BNB at the current market price. The remaining 50% of BUBBLE in the LP wallet will be used for BUBBLE-side liquidity, so give BUBBLE/BNB an equal weight of 50/50, which will then be automatically added to the market pair as new additional liquidity and increase the liquidity in the pool sex.

Part of the transaction fees for token buying and selling supports NFT pledge income funds.

  • Avoid flash crashes through price stability
  • Achieving Long-Term Sustainability and Future Growth of NFT Staking Yield Protocols
  • Significantly reduce the risk of price declines