The end of the month is fast approaching; still, Stellar Lumens News Today reports that Stellar has shown no sign of tangible surge, progress or any sort of upward movement. After being traded for the most part of the month around the $0.081 mark, the coin can now be found ranging between $0.101 and $0.075. The present statistics of the market reveals nothing new, and it is more unlikely for a change to occur at this current rate. The dip in price has been consistent for a while, and every hope of recapturing its previous heights reduces by the day.

Stellar Lumens Price Analysis – Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Latest Update – XLM Price Prediction

XLM coin has only experienced a downward movement in the past month. It was noted that XLM traded at around $0.12821 on the 24th of June and fell badly on the 1st of July to $0.101613. A further decline of Stellar was observed on the 15th of July, where it fell to $0.08567. On July 24, the coin was observed to be trading as low as $0.081960 at 04:09:40 UTC. The Stellar Lumens Price Analysis reveals a 36% downward trend in the past 30 days:

Stellar Coin’s Return On Investment (ROI) has reached 2,662.57%

The price of the coin is found at $0.08196 and 0.00000849 BTC

The XLM coin has a market cap of $1,612,939,330

The 24-hour volume of the coin is at $142,190,830

The coin has a circulating supply at 19,616,917,313 XLM

This trend in falling rates being experienced by Stellar may prove a hard task to overturn. Its present statistics only increases the gloom surrounding the coin. It keeps falling and might hit the $0.080 mark today. The lowest value of the coin was just recorded yesterday at $0.083314, and a further decline has been observed from that point. Still, some recovery signs might be observed from XLM from tomorrow.

Stellar Price Prediction – Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Latest Update – Stellar Lumens Price Analysis
For the past few weeks, Stellar Lumen has hardly climbed from its low position, and the coin has been plummeting through the past month till it struck an ever low $0.075. The XLM Price Prediction reveals that the day might end with Stellar trading as low as $0.095 or even worse. It will continue to do so through the week unless it gets some pace back at the week’s end. In spite of the gloom that has been surrounding Stellar coin for weeks, the company is taking an unrelenting approach in averting their current situation. Every possible means is currently being exploited to increase the use of the coin, including mobile wallet but the impact of such methods are yet to manifest.

The current trend about Stellar which has been revealed by XLM News today shows that there is no better time to invest in this coin than now, as it can prove to be a good investment later on. Its spark can just be revived proving to be a great investment to all those showing an interest, and purchasing it right now. Time will further go on to reveal the exact outcome of this market coin.