The transition from fiat to cryptocurrency has been a huge hurdle in the financial world. When you explain how money can be made digital to a non-tech person, most people just flip hands over it and turn it down. The idea that money has to be physical for confidence is still well rigged up in them. But the tech world, however, does not expect the transition to be as smooth and as such have been looking into different ways to integrate what the users know and what they do not know together. The users know fiat currency but are not entirely used cryptocurrency. To create a smooth transition process therefore, the tech space has been looking for ways to feed users both with the known and unknown – Fiat and cryptocurrency. Such is the idea behind the newly developed platform by Ripple’s Xpring.

The platform is said to have been developed to create a seamless integration of both crypto and fiat currencies into any payment application. Xpring further explained that the setup of the platform is made suitable for diverse kinds of programmers such that no matter the language the developer is used to, working with the program would be seamless. It comes with a collection of Xpring software development kit (SDK) making it possible for developers to easily integrate the various XRP applications in any programming language. Working on Ripple’s Interledger Protocol (ILP) and XRP now comes easy with the new tools the platform has in its arsenal.

Senior vice president of Xpring, Ethan Beard explained that their focus is on both crypto and non-crypto programmers as 80% of the programming process will no longer be necessary when using the SDK. Though the setup of Xpring is made open source, Beard explained that the SDK has been made to function like Amazon Web Services such that developers can download the lines of code to create the tool from scratch or they can simply just connect via plugins.