is a brand-new betting platform that is setting out to change the crypto gambling landscape. is the latest evolution in Bitcoin betting, combining the best of both worlds—the speed and security of BTC betting with the flexibility and rewards of traditional sportsbook betting.

The combination of cryptocurrencies and traditional sports is a fascinating opportunity for the gaming industry. offers what’s the best of both worlds. We combine our BTC betting with traditional sports and casino games and we’re now launching a second betting platform, all based on blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring this revolutionary betting technology to the world and make it universally accessible, regardless of where you are. We have a vision of entering into a strategic partnership with the fastest-growing sports betting companies in the world and ultimately becoming the first company that enables real-time betting on sports with cryptocurrencies. is the new home for crypto bettors looking for an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of options, including match odds, tournament games, and live casino games. You can bet on anything from cryptocurrency itself, to Ethereum’s currency, and everything in between. You can bet on everything, in fact, right down to the field, the city, the franchise, and the player!

Most Bitcoin sportsbooks offer casino games only as a separate option. however, is offering its players the opportunity to wager on live casino games, including four table games and multiple progressive slots, and multiplayer games.

NitrogenSports is committed to providing its customers with the best experience possible so they can fully focus on their passion for playing and winning.

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ABOUT is the next step in our journey to provide the crypto-betting community with the best service possible.

For almost a decade, the Nitro brand established itself as one of the top destinations in the crypto betting universe. Since 2013, our team has aimed to provide one thing and only one thing: The best service possible for our customers.

Over time, we have introduced new products, promotions, as well as innovative rewards and benefits—all in an effort to provide our users with everything they need to achieve success in their betting endeavors. But after so many years of hard work and dedication on behalf of our staff and community members alike, we believe that it’s time for us to take things even further by launching

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