NFTs were by far the most popular crypto trend of 2021, but many experts say that the NFT adoption is just starting to gain momentum. One thing which used to stand in the way of the general public fully embracing NFTs was the lack of truly open, inclusive and democratic NFT marketplaces. Fortunately, Foster Marketplace is here to change that!

What Is Foster Marketplace?


Foster Marketplace is a groundbreaking project that utilizes blockchain-based solutions such as crypto and NFTs to build a next generation peer-to-peer digital art streaming protocol. The Foster Protocol is powered by its native utility token called LIFT.

LIFT is an SPL (Solana) token which fulfills numerous important use cases within the Foster ecosystem, such as enabling decentralized governance, lowering the barriers of  entry into DeFi, providing incentives to ecosystem participants, and many more.

LIFT allows the Foster Marketplace to be the first subscription-based NFT streaming protocol in the world. It also makes the Foster ecosystem highly profitable to all participants by including DeFi features such as staking, which allows LIFT holders to earn a claim on future issuance of LIFT tokens.

In order to make the LIFT token ecosystem maximally rewarding for all participants, LIFT also features deflationary tokenomics. 1/3 of all fees generated on Foster Marketplace will be used to repurchase LIFT tokens. The burn rate will be determined by a bonding curve that balances price against available supply.

The Mission of Foster Marketplace

In today’s economy, technology has gained paramount importance because it allows people to connect, interact and collaborate with each other easier than ever before. This has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic: even though we stayed distanced and separated, technology allowed us to remain together.

Foster Marketplace was born out of the belief that bringing people together is the most important goal of technology. By utilizing the most innovative technological advancements such as blockchain and NFTs, the Foster Protocol aims to create an open, democratic and decentralized ecosystem empowering artists and content creators to easily connect with each other and with their fans in a secure, fair and transparent environment.

Although NFTs have become massively popular, the NFT ecosystem still has some issues. First and foremost, it lacks a truly open and inclusive platform which would lower the barriers of entry into the NFT world, and make NFTs more accessible and attractive to the general public. Foster Marketplace aims to change that by creating a new type of NFT platform, built around the values of openness, inclusivity and sharing economy.

Join the NFT Community of the Future!

Foster Marketplace is a rapidly expanding and evolving project which is now entering the crucial phase of development. The first round of funding conducted between March 1st and March 30th is expected to give the Foster ecosystem a massive boost in popularity, and a huge airdrop campaign will allow you to gain some LIFT tokens for free!

By joining the Foster ecosystem now, you will be able to become an early adopter of a revolutionary NFT streaming platform. To become a part of the most open and inclusive NFT community in the world, visit the official Foster Marketplace social media channels:

Official Website: