8Bit Doge brings the best of the crypto market with an NFT game that people want to play. Could 8Bit Doge be the next evolution in the cryptocurrency world that rivals DogeCoin or the SHIBA INU token?

With the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and tokens along with the surging values of NFT collectibles, 2021 has been a transformational year for the blockchain. But it’s not over yet. 8Bit Doge, which is located on the Binance Smart Chain, is aiming to create a new ecosystem that is built around the utility of a blockchain token in gaming.

Like DogeCoin, but with a game, and pixelated, 8Bit Doge is the latest company to bring potential market-disrupting tech to the forefront. This follows an exponential rise in NFT sales that exceeded $10 billion in the last quarter alone according to the latest industry data.

8Bit Doge Set to Integrate Popularity of Meme Tokens With NFT Rage

Play to Earn games are the current rage in the NFT ecosystem and at the same time Meme tokens are back in popularity with Elon Musk’s constant tweets leading to a multi-fold rise in several meme tokens. 8Bit Doge aims to combine the best of both worlds where it is building a community-driven token along with an intriguing game that will be loved by many gamers. The game would also offer NFT rewards that can be traded and sold in the real world.

Having built their founding principles on creating a community of multi-skilled visionaries, 8Bit Doge is aiming to be at the forefront of DeFi as one of the first platforms to blend integrated gaming and NFT experience with meme factor. Early adopters with 8Bit Doge coins include the developer and founder of DogeCoin, Shibetoshi Nakamoto according to the company.

With its aim to drive up the floor price and increase token liquidity in the long term through DeFi and NFT tokenomics, the cryptocurrency is bringing together leading developers, crypto experts, and crypto managers to create a unique experience. 8Bit Doge ecosystem and $BITD is currently live and running since June 2021. The NFT game is set to hit beta in the final quarter of 2021 and is speculated to be ready for launch by year-end. 

Funds from NFT sales will be 50% allocated to liquidity, 25% to buy and burn, and 25% to marketing & development as 8Bit Doge forges ahead with its intention that the game will be accessible to people around the world on multiple devices. 

Being among the early adopters on Binance Smart Chain that has NFTs contributing back into the token itself, 8Bit Doge aims to challenge the emerging coins as competition heats up. And with increasing NFT adoption as well as more accessible trading through the blockchain, adding the gaming industry into the mix could transform the cryptocurrency world like never before.

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