recharge finance

The exploding category of DeFi, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Staking, Lending … It’s enough to make your head spin!

It seems there are a dozen new projects launching every day. We’re all looking for good investments among all the hype and promises, but which?! Where do I risk my assets to realize the best return? Unfortunately, far too many of these are simply quick flash-in-the-pan pump and dumps launched with grandiose ideas, but fade away into oblivion just as quickly, lacking one or more key elements necessary for sustained value.

Some people with deep pockets are able to jump in and out, from one launch to the next, and turn some serious profits. I can’t fault them for doing so (more that I’m perhaps a little jealous,) but the frustration remains for those of us who may not have the time to comb through all the new launches, or not have the funds necessary to qualify for the presale requirements, or even to absorb the fees associated with quick buys and sells in order to capitalize on the short-lived pump & dumps.

If you’re a smaller investor, the gas to enter and then exit a position with one of those quick moves may exceed what would have been your profit, it’s simply not worth it. So where might one find a solid project worthy of holding for substantial long-term growth and success?

If you’re a “twit” Or, uh … sorry, I mean, among the Twitter generation conditioned to only absorb 140 characters at a time, here ya go: “Do yourself a favor and consider acquiring some R3FI, you’ll be glad you did.”

If, on the other hand, you have an attention span beyond that of a goldfish, follow along to see why this is maybe one of the better decisions you’ve made in a while.

I’d like to direct your attention to this very unique situation quietly brewing at the moment that looks like it will fit the bill for many of us. Unique in a number of ways. It was first launched as a twist on the original Reflect design, from there it starts getting interesting.

R3FI made some simple, but powerful changes from the first concept. Basically, all is the same except with only 1/2 the total supply, and 5X the rewards! Just image the earning potential that the model creates for both rewards and token value! However, that is merely the foundation for what’s coming. A little background is needed in order to understand why this project offers a “ground floor” opportunity now, even though (or perhaps, because) it’s already been launched.

In a nutshell, it was launched when many similar variations were also experimenting with different DeFi yield features (we’ll get into R3FI’s features in a moment.) That was also when gas fees began to skyrocket. R3FI had an immediate pump & dump resembling so many others. Gas fees, dozens of other new launches, and most importantly, the lack of any real use-case proved detrimental to attaining any utility from nothing more than it’s mere existence. This scenario was pretty universal with the vast majority of similar projects, all now sitting dead in the water. All but one that is …

A number of talented people who had invested in R3FI saw an opportunity to use the built-in existing attributes of R3FI token to build a viable, multi-faceted, long-term venture that utilizes R3FI’s original features to augment their expanded vision. R3FI’s design compliments their vision and their vision creates the missing elements needed to utilize R3FI’s features for sustained growth. The synergy is truly a match made in heaven.

The original R3FI dev has subsequently relinquished and renounced his ownership. The smart contract is fully autonomous and immutable. They are all working hard to bring this enhanced new vision together for everyone’s benefit equally. They have nothing more to gain from their efforts than you and I, so they have a vested interest in the actual success of the project (rare indeed!) This is a good time to mention some of the features.

So, in line with full transparency, full autonomy, and no possibility of a team dump or rug pull, or any of those common treacheries projects are often plagued with. The largest wallet (second only to Uniswap of course) has slightly over 5% of the entire supply. So, no big controlling entities to worry about, no dev or team allocations or rewards, nothing paid or allotted to anyone that isn’t paid or allotted to everyone equally, universally, and instantly.

That bears repeating — nothing is paid to anyone that isn’t paid to everyone equally!

The main premise is that every R3FI transaction is taxed 5%. That 5% is immediately dispersed among all tokens held in private wallets proportionally. It is instantly deposited directly into each token holder’s wallet without any fees whatsoever! That’s right, no claiming, no fees, no delays, just bang, instantly in your wallet. Every time a transaction occurs, 5% of it is instantly dispersed proportionally to every wallet holding R3FI. All this is done by an immutable smart contract, fully decentralized, so there can be no changes or adjustments, ever. And no KYC.

One of the main team leads known as Campari, says it best:

“R3FI is an effortless yield farming solution …” Effortless being the keyword here, coupled to big rewards, what’s not to love?

I highly suggest you go to R3FI’s Medium page and read all that Campari and the rest of the team have written. They go into far greater detail and expanded explanations than I ever could. They are all very sharp and very active on R3FI’s various social media forums ready to happily answer any questions. But first, let’s get back to why I see such potential with this recharged, revamped, and actively evolving project.

Being taxed 5% on every transaction, either buying or selling the R3FI token, obviously incentivizes holding because any increased token price less than 10% (round trip tax) of the price paid plus whatever transaction fees, nets a loss. This also makes the detrimental “high-frequency bot trading” that plagues so many tokens nearly impossible.

Of course, the tax paid is offset by rewards earned while holding the tokens, which also incentivizes holding. For this reason, alone pumping and dumping is mitigated drastically. This also means continued increases as all transactions harvest 5%, which is, remember …, immediately dispersed to token holders.

Holders have great earning potential, but no incentive to quickly jump in and out (pump and dump.) In fact, no incentive to ever jump out.

Yet, as many projects have discovered, there is another side to that equation — in order for said token holders to earn these rewards, the token must be used, transactions must occur to generate rewards. The vast majority of similar projects (including R3FI in its initial launch) have failed to address this rather important reality.

This is where R3FI’s community (current team) has picked up the ball and is running with it. And why R3FI is an excellent opportunity for those who see how what’s coming, combined with what is already in place and fully functional, will offer a platform with huge rewards.

Whether you’re completely fed up with the pump & dumps, or are just interested in adding a long-term growing asset to your portfolio, a study of R3FI is worth the effort. And now is the time to take advantage of what others will eventually discover as this project is just about to roll out some amazing use-case endeavors sure to generate ongoing transactions from which every token holder will earn, effortlessly!

R3FI is simply a foundation for what is being built upon it. The “company” if you will, the project, endeavor, the amazing community team who are building on this foundation have spent months creating uses, relationships, partnerships, where R3FI will be used in numerous ways. Most are still in the works, so specifics cannot be divulged at this time, nor names dropped until relationships and interactions are completed.

But as a teaser, for those looking for a heads-up on an opportunity that has the early-bird benefit of a presale without the risks of exit scam, team, dev, or pre-sale buyer’s dump, rug pull, etc., here you go. You’re in the right place at the right time.

This highly lucrative yield farming ecosystem is already established and locked safely in place. It begins with a very low total max supply (only 5 million tokens, 100% already fully dispersed) as well as obvious, strong incentives to hold. These stats create an already established scarcity.

The age-old irrefutable economics of supply and demand dictate that when there is more demand than supply, price goes up, and of course vice versa. So, starting with a structure based in scarcity thru low total supply, and incentives to hold the token off the market, any new use can only drive value upwards.

The team is actively developing innovative uses for the R3FI token to ensure that there is plenty of reason for continued growth, desirable uses, and thus ongoing transactions. Such use-case utility is coming soon as the team begins unveiling the many facets of their endeavors for which R3FI will be used. Being reborn with all of these fresh ideas is a fresh rebranding as well — the project is now appropriately named Recharge Finance.

Staking and lending of course, but with an incredible twist. They are incorporating the amazing ability to stake your R3FI token within the R3FI platform in order to receive matched “pegged” tokens to be used for staking in a centralized platform or for listing on Centralized Exchanges. This ability to compound rewards from both sides will make R3FI very appealing to many.

Additionally, the team is creating yield-generating NFT Vaults!

One of the teams’ main objectives is to bring DeFi to places in the world where it is desperately needed. They are accomplishing this in conjunction with charitable organizations, contributions, all tied together with the other functions of the R3FI platform, including, of course, the NFT vaults to add more and more use-case utility to the token. LNO Casino already accepts R3FI on their platform. The use-cases are only getting started.

One of the most exciting new components to the platform will be “bridges” between the various chains. Already established is a bridge to BSC as it has become very popular, the others are being finalized creating cross-chain interactions via R3FI to all popular chains.

Okay, now I’m merely wasting your time repeating what is explained far better by the team. No doubt, also adding more interesting features, use-cases, and attributes while I’m typing. So don’t dally, go check it out thoroughly and consider whether R3FI should be part of your long-term portfolio — It’s is certainly in mine.