Mangu Innovation

Startup is an innovative project that has been operating since 2018 in Uzbekistan. is an active resident of IT PARK which supports projects on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. IT PARK mentors are entrepreneurs and specialists who understand the tasks and problems of a startup from their own experience.

The initial goal of the project was to develop e-currency and digital economy in Central Asia.

The project was launched on March 1, 2018, subsequently the company’s product became an electronic currency in a limited edition (total currency 1017.125 coins: MNG)

In a short time, due to the activity and at the request of the investors of this project, the developers have created their own exchange, so that investors can trade this currency during each transaction.

Result: the exchange rate increased in 2 months to 550%, and the daily turnover of this currency reached to 250,000 MNG.

During development, managers added their own market so that project participants could sell their goods or buy goods in installments without tax as well as to pay for the MNG product in foreign currency. So, the initial goal of developing the electronic and digital economy in Central Asia and integrating it into the electronic system has been developed.

Since there is no such project in Central Asia yet, the startup became the first in this industry.

Public sale announcement

The MANGU (MNGUZ) public sale will take place on VinDAX Launchpad starting October 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM UTC.

Softcap: 300,000 MNGUZ
Hardcap: 1,017,125 MNGUZ

Project benefits


MANGU INNOVATION project is the first of its kind. In the trading business, many aspects are affected.

Easy shopping

Any goods and delivery are possible using the MANGU cryptocurrency.

Token storage

Any official ETH wallet supports the MANGU token. Fast and convenient.


MANGU is constantly growing in value. The project has already been listed on major exchanges.


The token can be easily exchanged for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency.


Instant sales and purchases through blockchain technology

Why is the project preferred for investors?

1. There are no competitors in this industry in Central Asia.

2. Tokens are no longer mined (limited number of MNG.UZ tokens 1017,125).

3. The project has its own audience: 50,000 active users in almost 3 years.

4. There is an advertising platform where you can place ads for free (for purchased tokens).

5. No commission for transfers (0.1 – 1%).

6. Purchase of goods (for tokens) and their delivery in Central Asia.

7. After the release of their blockchain system, all holders will be investors.