It is essential for companies today to reduce and stabilize costs as much as possible. Energy conservation is becoming a top priority for manufacturing systems and processes. According to a new study, the global energy storage market would double as more homes and businesses use battery energy storage to complement rooftop solar and other renewable energy systems. However, as energy consumption and demand grow, on the one hand, available energy sources, especially non-renewable energy sources, are rapidly depleting. Arno is using carbon nanomaterial to develop secondary energy power solutions for industries and households.

About ARNO

When natural and non-renewable resources are rapidly depleting, Art Nano (ARNO) is focusing on incorporating the use of carbon nanotechnology for energy storage and battery improvement technology. Apart from diminishing resources, energy storage is a significant concern, as most losses occur during storage and transition. After years of R&D, ARNO has developed carbon-based products that can provide substantial energy savings combined with current battery technology. The company has focused on growth and creating a decentralized and productive delivery system with defi integration.

This research focuses on using different forms of carbon nanomaterials to modernize and dramatically enhance the properties of lead-acid batteries, which are ubiquitous and widely used. And to produce a finished product that, at a comparable cost, has substantial competitive advantages over rival samples, based on the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

ARNO Token Project

The ARNO Token project is a precise effort to fund implementing a strictly scientific, innovative technology into long-standing supply chains to upgrade current and obsolete technologies that haven’t lost their significance yet. The ARNO token is used extensively in the project’s economic structure, and the whole ecosystem rotates around it. Even the most common cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, will not be included. Only ARNO will be used in our project and all of its components. It’s a project with a lot of liquidity that occurs in the real world.

Exchange Listing

The ARNO Token is an ERC-20 token with a 50 million maximum availability. Only 8% will be available via ICOs and IEOs, with funds raised from these sales to further the project’s growth. The company chose Uniswap DEX to list its token mainly because of its pricing model, which uses a constant equation to automatically measure demand versus supply, causing value shifts as more trades are collected. Moreover, it will also contribute more funding for the project.

After the ARNO token is listed on exchanges, the project team would sell off a certain number of tokens, and once the tokens are sold, the team will halt cryptocurrency feedback on the current platform for a year. The auction is run by traders who have no links to the developers.

Decentralized liquidity

The ARNO team is dedicated to giving users complete control over their Arno tokens at all times. They also reaped the most benefits from owning the Arno token. As a result, when the team lists on the Uniswap exchange, it will have a liquidity pool in tandem with Arno. People will purchase Arno because of its high liquidity, which will draw more capital to the project, causing prices to increase. Large investors have the option of entering and exiting at the same time. They can take Liquidity at any point in other ventures, but we can’t in Arno.

As a result, even though all presale customers, airdroppers, and tokens obtained as a referral incentive sell their tokens during our Uniswap listing, the token price will not be affected significantly due to the high liquidity.

Bonus Structure

There are currently three such bonus programs, with the Referral Program being the most common. It’s also known as an affiliate program, which implies a partnership between an organization and its partners. Simply put, this is when someone acts on your advice, such as registering and purchasing a certain amount of ARNO Token. You get paid a fee for getting this individual in. The team follows the one-level referral relation concept, which means that there is only one level, and the affiliate earns a commission from the referrals’ purchases.

Currently, the incentive is 5% of the individually invited person’s purchase sum and is paid in tokens. The Airdrop and Bounty services, in addition to the referral scheme, are other incentives to partners, with the essential requirements to be announced in the future.

The following is the new Bonus program:

  • When purchasing 30 or 299 coins, you can receive a 10% bonus.
  • When purchasing 300 and 1499 coins, you can receive a 15% bonus.
  • When purchasing 1500 or more coins, you will receive a 20% bonus.


It is without any doubt that our future lies in new energy-efficient technologies. The incredible thing about this project is the ARNO token serves as the primary settlement mechanism for the project’s economic component. It also performs a crucial role in the fact that the project is physical and operational. The world is adapting quickly, and so are we, and hence this path is fresh and familiar.