Sistemkoin is an exchange that operates in Turkey. sistemkoin has a unique and strict trading system. they require to do KYC for each of their users to manipulate the crime of theft.
sistemkoin is one of the exchanges registered at, ranked 45th with trading volume reaching $148M in 24 hours.

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What is mobacoin?

Mobacoin is a utility token that is designed to be a special fiat in the exchange that will be built by the project team.

what is a moba exchange?

moba exchange is a multifunctional exchange created to meet the needs of krypto users throughout the world.

The features of MobaExchange are:

1. A cryptocurrency trade
2. E-shop (e-commerce feature)

Mobaproject CEO, Nanda Yusra said. it will work together with the Vindax exchange team to design and create exchanges such as binance, with a design that is exactly like that. “We hope that many people will participate in our IEO, because that will accelerate market creation”

What is the benefit of mobacoin?

Mobacoin can be used as follows:
1. Crytpocurrency
2. Main fiat in mobaexchange
3. Fiat pair
4. Purchase product in mobaexchange
5. Withdrawal fees

Who can participate in the IEO?

We do not limit which people and where they come from. everyone can participate in this IEO.

what are the advantages of buying mobacoin from IEO?

Mobacoin will open a trading market at a price of 0.088 $ per token. this is different from the IEO price which is only 0.044 $ per token. You can choose to hold the mobacoin in your wallet and wait for the opening of the mobaexchange. or you will sell it when launching first.

What is the price per token, minimum purchase and how many bonuses are given?

the price per token offered in the IEO is 0.044 $ per token.
minimum purchase of mobacoin is 8 $ or equivalent to 0.05 eth with a bonus reaching 30% in the first round and 20% in the second round.

Purchasing mobacoin can be done at:

Mobaexchange is the first exchange in Indonesia that combines two features in one exchange. the purchase of mobacoin determines the speed or slow process of this exchange maker. then your participation is decisive.

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