This unique cryptocurrency, The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) is a unique cryptocurrency token designed to assist post-transplant recipients with the financial burdens of post-care recipients and supports stipends based on billing, diagnosis, and necessities while raising awareness about inequities and barriers facing the medical financial system. The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) represents a true gifting community and we expect it to be strong and well-known around the world.

The token is to popularize charitable investment for the products and services as a whole solution and present them to investors in the form of charity along with security and profitability.

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) offers transparency with every transaction and to fulfill this an audit has been conducted. The smart contract is anti-rug pull and anti-whale compliant, so the community can use the transplant token as a gifting asset.

Great Coin, Greater Cause – Charity 3.0

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) is vested in giving a lifetime experience by using the collected token taxes on each transaction, NFT royalties, and the selling of merchandise to fund the charity.

This cryptocurrency will be used for transactions at our online merchandise store,with hundreds of unique design ideas for every crypto enthusiast. You can explore crypto clothing for men and women, and an amazing collection of crypto gifts for transplant coin holders and fans all over the world. The clothes are made with love and attention to small details, so you can be sure to find something special for yourself or a loved one.

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) also aims to foster a community in the healthcare industry by rewarding people with NFTs for their valuable contributions, while also attempting to be at the forefront of implementation as an early Web3 application for aggregating communities.

Staking is one way for crypto users to generate passive income and The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) will offer returns that exceed those you could earn in a savings account.

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3) ICO

The Transplant Coin v3 (TPCv3), which assists medical patients financially launched the presale round of its initial token offering on January 4th, 2023 through pandasale finance, an innovative decentralized token launchpad.

Token Name: The Transplant Coin v3
Ticker: TPCv3
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000,000 TPCv3
Soft Cap: 20 BNB
Hard Cap: 40 BNB
Presale Start time: Wed, 04 Jan 2023
Presale End time: Sun, 15 Jan 2023
Listing Date: 15 Jan 2023

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Contact Name: Troy Richardson
Contact Email:
Company: The Transplant Coin Foundation.
Address: 924 North Magnolia Avenue Orlando, Florida