The CATASTROPHY team has unveiled a pioneering offering, MultiPass, which repurposes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as decentralized identities (DIDs) and serves as a cross-chain, cross-application membership token. This innovation comes at a time when the market for NFT collectibles is experiencing a decline in value and liquidity amid bearish conditions. WEB3 BUIDLers stand to benefit greatly from this innovative solution, which facilitates access to advanced memberships for various tools that are crucial for product development and management. By streamlining the process of acquiring these memberships, building productivity is enhanced and production costs are minimized, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective development process.

In November 2022, CATASTROPHY launched a batch of 3,360 NFTs, each with a WEB3 BUIDLer theme and priced at Free Mint. Of this initial release, 360 NFTs were retained by the team. These BUIDLer cats are depicted wearing T-shirts and caps emblazoned with slogans such as “CODE IS LAW,” “DMOR (Do My Own Research),” and “BUIDLER Never Rug,” and brandishing a variety of “deadly” weapons. Thanks to its insightful portrayal of BUIDLer culture within the WEB3 sphere, CATASTROPHY has garnered the approval of many BUIDLers and has cultivated a vibrant community of WEB3 BUIDLers.

Since its release, CATASTROPHY’s high-availability MultiPass solution has undergone a period of growth and maturation based on a deeper understanding of the needs of WEB3 BUIDLers. In the months following its launch, the project team has struck various partnerships with platforms and tools, including MAP Protocol (Omnichain Layer of WEB3 with Provably Secure Cross-chain Communication Built upon Light-client and Zero-Knowledge technology), QUESTFLOW (a cross-channel Go-To-Market platform), and BLACK Meta (a WEB3 code and contract audit firm).

CATASTROPHY CEO Tintin has announced that users who own a CATASTROPHY NFT and connect their wallet will be eligible to receive advanced membership benefits on a range of platforms and tools. These benefits include discounted gas fees on cross-chain applications via MAP Protocol light-client and ZK based cross-chain technology, monthly fee discounts from QUESTFLOW, and a 50% discount on code audits from BLACK Meta. This new feature is expected to enhance efficiency and reduce production costs for WEB3 BUIDLers.

According to CATASTROPHY CEO Tintin, the company’s partnering platforms and tools are able to verify authentication and reconcile accounts using publicly available on-chain data through the NFT Gate powered by MAP Protocol. This process is made efficient by the transparency and credibility of on-chain data, breaking down traditional data silos and disrupting the traditional model of rights and membership products.

Tintin, CEO of CATASTROPHY, has played a key role in several successful WEB2 projects and is a opinion leader in engineering culture and a proponent of the WEB3 industry. Prior to her position at CATASTROPHY, Tintin served as a partner at Digital Creative Agency oookini, where she oversaw digital and technical business.

In January 2023, CATASTROPHY and DECODE will join forces to host the BUIDLer List 100 awards ceremony, at which the GOLDEN CATASTROPHY Award will be presented. A total of 100 individuals will be selected to receive a special CATASTROPHY MultiPass NFT as a prize. This highly anticipated event brings together the leading innovators in the field and serves as a platform for showcasing the latest and greatest in tech. Attendees will have the chance to mingle with the industry’s foremost thinkers and be recognized for their contributions.

Bob Xu, CEO of DECODE, recently lauded the CATASTROPHY project for its innovative and practical application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and its impact on the BUIDLer community and WEB3 culture. In a joint effort, the two parties aim to make the BUIDLer List 100 the most influential list in the WEB3 sphere.

CATASTROPHY is currently engaged in talks with various partners in the WEB3 industry and plans to announce the first batch of these partnerships in mid-January. Keep an eye out for further updates on these exciting developments.