There are various reasons why people are moving into the NFT sector, but networking is one of the main ones. NFT and DeFi enthusiasts have been hyper-connecting and creating their own large networks in the field, whether through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord. This is the reason this group of former employees from Apple, Facebook, and Pinterest has taken on the task of creating the most effective networking platform to date for Web 3.0.

While some people find networking online to be enjoyable, the majority of people find it difficult to establish meaningful connections by simply following and contacting others. Most people are still winging it when it comes to who they are connecting with, thus they are unsure if the connection will be beneficial for each party’s needs or interests.

The solution was created by the NYX SOULMATE team. The NYX SOULMATE platform is designed to be the most effective networking platform to date. It does this by using proprietary A.I. and hard science to connect users based on their personal interests, hobbies, professions, personalities, and a plethora of other criteria.

A digital representation of who you are that changes as you interact with the Metaverse and form connections is created when you mint a NYX Soul NFT by infusing it with your biodata through a process known as “individuation.” Your NFT will eventually feature symbols and artwork that are specifically correlated to your personality. Members of the community will locate others who are like them thanks to this.

Through a procedure known as “individuation,” you will imbue your biodata into a NYX Soul NFT when you mint one. Then, this Soul NFT will develop into a virtual depiction of who you are, one that shows more of who you truly are as you interact with other people and explore the Metaverse.

In case it isn’t enough to encourage users to start connecting socially, the platform will also reward those who are doing so.

Consumers of NFTs are not the only ones who think this idea is wonderful. Recently, NYX SOULMATE was chosen to present at Web Summit in November as one of the ALPHA Startups. They anticipate drawing the interest of numerous VCs and investors because they will be exhibiting at this event alongside initiatives like Yuga Labs and Sandbox.

Visit to find out more about the creative team, the technology, and the artist! They will shortly reveal their mint information!