• Current Game Industry has many issues ranging from cheating software to monopolies on the centralized systems.
  • Blockchain games solve the basic problem, however, only a few proper blockchain games are playable and actionable.
  • Demon Wars is a real-time MOBA mobile game, P2E, with a robust gameplay experience that solves the problem of playability in blockchain games and offers a true GameFi adventure.

So far, the industry has only seen a few games with good playability and complete ecological support such as Crypto Kitties and the infamous Axie Infinity, which made headlines all over the world when it was reported that the average Filipino earned more annually by playing Axie Infinity Blockchain Game than the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) who contribute 9% to the country’s GDP annually.

Gaming is no longer mere entertainment, Blockchain and GameFi have added commercial value to it. And all this has only been possible because of the effective Play-to-Earn (P2E) structure. However, that’s not the best the community has seen yet.

Behold! The Dota of Blockchain Gaming is here. Demon War is a real-time Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) blockchain game that introduces new innovations to the GameFi industry. Not only is it Play-to-Earn (P2E) but it is Play-to-Win (P2W) with all features and functionalities that its predecessors did not have.

It is a 5v5 real-time multiplayer online battle arena, that is committed to developing its own metaverse using blockchain and AR technology.

The concepts of “play to earn” and “play to win” are never necessarily inconsistent. A high return on investment encourages players, therefore “play to win” rewards are essential for the long-term growth of gaming projects.

Demon War’s Vision

Thanks to Metaverse and Blockchain Gaming, the digital space is now more closely linked to the real world. This allows users to convert the virtual money earned (through online gaming efforts) into real-world wealth. Thus, the virtual assets in online games now have a real-world value associated with them. This is monumental.

Demon War plans to address the present issues of playability and operability in blockchain gaming projects while solving the long-term problems that have plagued today’s gaming industry, such as the widespread use of cheating applications and decreasing game life cycles, as well as the monopoly of distribution channels, and lack of virtual assets protection.

Demon War Gameplay and Background

  • Game Background Story

It takes place in a time when old gods and demons gather in a strange and colorful setting. Deities and monsters have been at odds for millennia over a variety of grievances and conflicts—and they’re still fighting for different interests!

Endless wars cause havoc on the planet, resulting in devastation that can never be repaired. Gaps opened in the dimension because of the void being shattered. The fabric of space and time is disintegrating, and new alien life forms arise on a near-daily basis. As a result, the metaverse is in a state of chaos.

Nobody knows where this conflict will lead the planet, and it’s growing tenser and tenser.  The determination to fight has never faded though, and as the conflict intensifies, so does their courage, and they will fight to the very end!

  • About Demon War

Demon War is a 5v5 online multiplayer battle arena. 10 players at a time can combat each other, who are separated into two camps or groups, and the group that destroys the opponent turret wins.

By killing opponents, gold coins are gained. These opponents can be minions, neutral entities, or warriors.

The gold coins earned can be used to purchase different items in the game shop for the player’s improvement of battle characteristics.

To beat their opponents and win, players on both sides of the game can build diverse battle arrays and employ distinct combat techniques in each round of the game.

Demon War’s basic gameplay in the 5v5 is the arena mode. The combat team that destroys the opposing turret wins the game. The winning side will get Soul Spars (SSR), which may be utilized to raise the attribute level of fighters.

Project Roadmap

  • 2021

Q3 ~ Q4: Game project approval, product planning, and R&D

  • 2022

Q1 ~ Q2: Carry out game DEMO testing and develop smart contracts

Q3: Game launch, session kick-off, and NFT prop asset release.

Q4: Iterate the game version, add the gameplay, expand the guild and achieve user growth.

  • 2023

Q1 ~ Q2: Publish fan fiction content, expand the game worldview, launch the NFT trading market, and expand asset categories.

Q3 ~ Q4: Carry out the augmented reality technology test, develop wearable devices, build playerDAO organization, and partly realize decentralized decision making.

  • 2024

Q1 ~ Q2: Launch the beta version of the VR game and the metaverse of the open-source block game. Carry out the developer expansion and open the multichain game DID and prop assets.

Demon War’s Tokenomics

Players are required to buy a warrior NFT as the game’s entry token. After they have successfully minted their NFT, they can play the game and earn Demon War Token (DWT) or Soul Spars (SSR) token rewards by completing daily tasks or by playing the game and fighting opponents.

Demon War Token (DWT) is the original token of Demon War, which can be used in the game for specific functionalities and proof of rights. The functionalities can be many such as the development of warriors which can be done through DWTs.

Demon War has single tokenomics, therefore DWT also serves as the governance token. Using DWT, players can make profits by staking, while enjoying voting rights for project governance and key-decision making.

The Takeaway – Make Quick Money with Demon War

With Demon War, players with strong MOBA gaming expertise may compete for the highest point ranking in the High Ladder, and the best players can earn a great amount of attractive token awards.

While ordinary players may make daily income not just via simple gaming and everyday tasks, but also by selling new NFT fighters formed through power fusion. Once a super-qualified fighter is created, getting wealthy will no longer be a dream.