ORIGIN26 is officially announcing the presale of its unique BSC-based token, $ORIGIN26, starting on June 2022. 5% of the total fixed token supply of 10 billion tokens will be available for the presale. Initial presale participants will will be awarded a 40% discount on the token price.

After the initial presale, ORIGIN26 will follow through with a second-round in which 7% of the supply will be available for sale to participants at  37.5% discount. The next round will offer 20% discount of the original token price, which will be publicly available at $0.005.

ORIGIN26, a flourishing and promising decentralized science (DeFi) ecosystem is bringing unrivaled experiences into the crypto space. The platform features some of the most popular blockchain aspects and gives users a look into Web 3.0. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a feature that ensures community members get the best out of the ecosystem.

The main goal for ORIGIN26 is to provide $ORIGIN26 token holders with diverse ways to make passive income and increase the value of their portfolios. For one, the platform allows users to accumulate $ORIGIN26 tokens with every transaction. Secondly, it has a decentralized application, the ORIGIN26DApp, which allows users to receive rewards in any BSC-based token of their choice.

$ORIGIN26 is the primary utility of the ORIGIN26 economy, which operates within the world’s first decentralized science (DeSci) genomic ecosystem. It will serve as a means of payment and transfer for all the transactions within the platform while working as the network’s fuel. Users will be able to buy $ORIGIN26 tokens to access various services available on the platform and save money.

Since ORIGIN26 aims to drive large-scale genome sequencing to advance knowledge and awareness of disease’s causes, users will be able to receive $ORIGIN26 tokens in exchange for specific DNA data. The higher the request, the higher the rewards will be.

ORIGIN26’s total supply of 10 billion $ORIGIN26 will be allocated for different uses on the platform, including a reserve to help sustain the ORIGIN26 ecosystem and for use in DNA research and the building of legal advisory consultancy. A fund will keep the platform running even if changes in the market occur. The team will also allocate a percentage of the tokens for marketing campaigns and events to attract more investors and partners. A small portion shall be assigned to the company for its operations and management purposes.

About ORIGIN26: ORIGIN26 believes in a DNA distribution system that streamlines the development of human medicine with unprecedented precision. The company’s purpose is to build a shared economy based on DNA data provided by individuals. One of the principal values of the ORIGIN26 Ecosystem is intelligence – the more data it has, the more it will be able to interpret the user’s DNA and provide related suggestions.

The company also aims to establish a tokenized economic system to enable users to pay and be compensated with $ORIGIN26 for transactions within the platform. With the total supply capped at 10 Billion, the ORIGIN26 token will be listed on various exchanges to facilitate trade and maximize benefits.

The ORIGIN26 Team combines a passion for the industry, expertise, and a proven record in finance, science, marketing, and technology. Sony IFERGAN, Founder and CEO of ORIGIN26, is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry and more than eight years of expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology fields.

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