We live in a world of uncertainty… until now. DIIC (DUBAI INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS COIN) and OODLE MARKETPLACE bring certainty to the world you live in with the advent of new technologies.  A breath of fresh air that benefits businesses within B2B and its customer’s examples in areas such as green real estate, real-world commodity trades, fintech, and other investment avenues. To follow their journey and stay updated simply check out weblinks:  https://diicoin.ae, http://diicoin.io

Instagram and twitter: @diicoin 

Together DIIC and OODLE MARKETPLACE empower and build communities and protect their money to ensure an unlimited length of sustainable income financially long term. From the renewable energy industry morphing, into cities

OODLE MARKETPLACE ecosystem has given real-world trades a whole new dimension and DIIC gives members of OODLE MARKETPLACE the unique opportunity to become a part of a new financial system in the ever-changing world of physical assets being paid using digital currencies and now being able to become digital assets in the form of NFTs.

With total transparency, trust is built on each transaction from the seller to buyer and a robust KYC KYB verification process means only real actors can onboard and participate, from real estate to digital gold that is transformed into real gold, DIIC, and OODLE MARKETPLACE combined eco-systems offer an environment of sophistication and trust that transcends how business is currently done and how relationships will be made for future generations.

The value and opportunities that DIIC and OODLE Marketplace collaboration represents in the financial world is that it offers a protected and secure ecosystem with its own majority, creating numerous opportunities that hold value ethos and safety for those involved. This valuable intangible asset is not something a lot of businesses have or can deliver outside of DIIC and OODLE MARKETPLACE. These combined ecosystems create a tremendous amount of trust through the transparency of each transaction and the unique manner that each B2b transaction aspect that is heavily integrated into the eco-system is in an easily readable way.

All of this is essential for building an active and sustainable digital member community on the DIIC and OODLE MARKETPLACE eco-systems. Written by @yurtype