“Metaverse” has been a popular word for the past couple of years, attributed largely in part to Facebook rebranding itself as Meta. The concept of an alternate virtual universe that people can build their lives in appeals very much to the world today, and the fact that blockchain and crypto has opened opportunities for this to be monetized has increased that appeal even more. As a result, metaverse projects today are thriving and growing. But with so many projects out there, which are truly worth your time and maybe even investment?

  1. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the biggest metaverse projects today. Players can live and interact in this first-ever decentralized virtual world completely owned and built by its users. Players purchase space within the world called LAND and build within them, creating buildings, cities, farms, minigames, with an endless possibility of what they can do. There are also themed areas within Decentraland called Districts, which makes the experience even more exciting for players. With its endless possibilities, Decentraland is not just fun to explore and build on, but can be profitable as well, where the MANA token can be used for trading or even used to trade LAND and NFTs (i.e. spaces that have been built upon or even user accessories) within Decentraland itself.

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is also one of the popular metaverse creations that has cemented its place for now. In The Sandbox, players create 3D game worlds and digital assets that they can also keep within their LAND, the real estate within this virtual world. The SAND token is used to purchase LAND and other digital assets, which means that players can both earn and immerse themselves in this universe. Whether it’s through the SAND crypto or in-game NFTs, there is certainly room to grow within this universe, which would definitely make it worth your time as a “starter” to the metaverse.

  1. QQS

QQS is likely the newest one on this list, having launched just in 2022. QQS is a tokenized decentralized platform aimed at creating a metaverse with the most advanced 3D creation engine, to produce an immersive virtual experience with stunning visualizations and user experience. Within QQS, users can do just about anything they can do in real life – scroll and find content, shop, socialize, be entertained and entertain in multiple ways, trade NFTs, and much more. This allows users to effectively build their virtual life in a fully immersive way and perhaps more importantly, can be extremely profitable for users, with their Burn To Earn and Spend To Earn concepts. QQS is currently having their token presale and as expected, it has been selling out every day – with such planning and interest in the project, it is likely that the QQS metaverse will grow and it’s definitely worth watching or even holding at this point in time.

  1. Enjin

Enjin is not exactly a metaverse in itself, but is still a metaverse project where creators can make use of Enjin to create NFTs that can be sold in various blockchain-based metaverse games. With every additional person using Enjin, the Enjin price will go up; this means that as long as the platform and product stays functional and is willing to keep upgrading itself, it will continue to be relevant and definitely be a profitable metaverse-related investment to make and watch.

  1. Bloktopia

Bloktopia is an exciting project also scheduled for launch in 2022, built on the Polygon network. Its unique selling point is that users can truly feel like they are in the land with a VR headset, which means more potential in terms of experience and content. Avatars and other in-game assets will be structured as NFTs and bought and sold with BLOK, Bloktopia’s transactional token. Being a relatively exciting metaverse project especially for those into VR, it could be worth watching as well.