Energy Kodex will be listed through BTC Market in Bitcmon on May 27. As an exchange that combines the real economy and digital finance, Bitcmon is also working on relief activities by hiring compliance monitors with more than 30 years of experience for investor trust and delivering relief goods to large forest fires in Korea in March.

Energy Kodex is a project that aims to become an energy consumer and energy prosumer who participates in the ecosystem of energy codecs by allowing urban wind generators to produce electric energy in the city and individuals to invest in energy production.

The core of the energy codec is energy harvesting and energy terminals. Even if you use urban wind generators to generate energy in a city, it’s too much to handle all the electricity consumed in one city.

So, they are going to build energy harvesting, and we’re going to build an energy terminal near the city that uses wind power generators and other renewable energy to generate electricity, charge and transport it to batteries, and deliver it to infrastructure-free places.

Energy Kodex also provides MyPower, a wind turbine split investment platform, to enable everyone in the ecosystem to participate in energy production to create a community that is a very important task of energy independence.

The platform allows investment in wind generators and other renewable energy generators in and out of the city, and incentives are given to those who invest if power from the generators is consumed.

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