If you had invested in projects like Decentraland or The Sandbox way early in the game, you’ve likely already made higher profits than you would’ve had if you had put them into the bank. Hence, it’s no surprise that DeFi is growing in popularity; the GameFi industry in particular has been scaling up just over the past year, with the play-to-earn mechanic being extremely attractive to gamers, game connoisseurs and crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

With GameFi projects popping up everywhere, it’s hard to decide which projects are worth looking at, even though we know that investing in projects at launch is likelier to get better returns or gains. Hence, we’re going to analyze some of the most promising fresh P2E blockchain gaming projects with significant growth potential that you could consider adding into your portfolio or participating in.

MetaPocket ($METAPK)

MetaPocket is the perfect digital wallet for all things GameFi and NFT, being optimized and created specially for that. It supports multi-currency, multi-layer and cross-chain transactions, with the goal of being a one-stop digital wallet for all things GameFi. It will also be compatible with platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Rarible, Opensea and more, as well as trusted by all the top games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Illuvium, and much more, with an ever-expanding list. Within the app you can browse for and interact with most of the top decentralized games, as well as earn through the Yield Farming function where you can stake any supported GameFi tokens to earn more METAPK. The METAPK token is a utility token that gives users certain perks and privileges, on top of functioning as a deposit for devs so that users are protected in the unlikely case that anything happens to the games. Apart from being one of the most promising GameFi community aggregators out there with its power to simplify and consolidate GameFi for users, MetaPocket also boasts a sniper bot where you can snipe new tokens at launch with your own set parameters, which means you can maximize your gains. With its strong offerings and founding team led by CEO James Mckennie, MetaPocket is definitely a crypto wallet in a league of its own.

Illuvium (ILV)

Illuvium is one of the freshest and most promising RPG play-to-earn games to hit the world in 2022, and is based on Ethereum. The gameplay is simple but the graphics are stunning, and the setup is definitely not simple. Players collect in-game creatures called Illuvials and can train them up to participate in battles, complete quests, join tournaments and events. In-game, they can earn NFTs for use in-game or even to sell – even the Illuvials can be sold as NFTs if they’re rare enough. The Illuvium cryptocurrency is ILV, that players will earn as they play and can also use in-game or for trading purposes. It is currently in beta stage, but the token has already started trending and there’s a high chance that once the full game is launched, the token is likely to rise even more in value.

CryptoDrop ($CDROP)

Crypto Drop is a gaming platform with a unique gaming staking mechanism where the native token CDROP is used for passive income. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain Network, and players can earn via either playing a fun fair-themed game or even participating in the crypto casino. Maximizing the powers of blockchain technology, Cryptodrop has achieved a decentralized random gamification on chain. Holders can participate as a player, to bet on the randomized block hash for potential winnings, or as a staker, which enables the user to have passive income paid out daily in $BNB. The amount of $CDROP staked will correlate with the amount of $BNB received from the staking pool. To ensure that there is true randomness, there are also two games with separate jackpots. CDROP functions like an online casino for crypto, with huge gains to be had – if you’re lucky and have enough self-control!

With so many promising GameFi projects spawning these few years, it’s definitely the right place to be – GameFi is likely to only grow to greater heights as the Play-To-Earn trend gets stronger over the years.