One of the most famous primate characters in world literature appears in the great Chinese classic Journey to the West (Xiyouji, 西遊記, 1592 CE). The story follows the adventures of Sun Wukong (孫悟空, a.k.a. “Monkey”), an immortal rhesus macaque demon, who gains extraordinary power from long years of spiritual cultivation and rebels against the primacy of heaven.

Now we bring Sun Wukong to blockchain newest project, Wukong Finance. We are developing Wukong’s Metaverse on Binance Smart Chain platform. This project will involve the development of the Wukong NFT Collection which will be the main condition for participation in the Play to Earn NFT Game “Wukong, The Legendary Journey to the Moon (WTLJM). WTLJM players will have the opportunity to receive rewards in the form of Wukong $ WKG tokens and a special NFT collection called “Heaven’s Gem” Each NFT earned can be re -traded at Wukong’s NFT Marketplace which will be developed later.

To realize this goal, we offer you to join our community. the Wukong $ WKG token developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform has a DEFI mechanism that will provide a profit to each of its holders. You as a $ WKG holder will receive dual rewards of USDC and BNB tokens at the rate of 2% per token per transaction. Each transaction will be charged trading fees of 12%, of which 4% trading fees will be distributed to all holders in the form of USDC and BNB tokens. 4% trading fees will be sent to the liquidity pool. 3% is distributed to the marketing & development wallet, while the remaining 1% will be sent to the Treasury fund for the purpose of manual buyback token $ WKG.

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