On Feb. 22, Arowana announced that they started selling props NFT of the Korean representative musical ‘Jack the Ripper’ in Arowana NFT Marketplace assigning Loc Funding, P2P lending, and investment group, as a seller.

The sale marks it as the first-ever NFT musical props auction in the NFT industry.

NFTs are digital assets that use blockchain to document the ownership of products such as images, videos, and other collectibles. It allows investors to have ownership of digital assets.

Jack the Ripper props NFTs are sold in three items in total: Stage Costume, Sheet music, and Script.

This NFT product has created by the Contents Special Video Department of KBS Mediatech, a broadcast graphic design group. The team has directly participated in the design of the NFT and created high-quality digital art.

The highest bidder of the auction will be receiving the actual stage costumes, sheet music, and scripts used in the musical by the actor Um Ki-joon, who plays Daniel in the musical, along with the NFT.

“We had great success by selling tickets for Jack the Ripper performance through NFT in the market, so we chose props that contain the work and the actor’s soul as follow-up content,” said an Arowana official.

“We plan to focus on discovering and introducing unique NFTs that only the Arowana can create and provide in the future.” the official added.

About Arowana Project

The Arowana offers a decentralized intermediary platform that connects creators and buyers and the NFT market where only creators who have passed verification can sell.

Arowana also operates a Reliable-Digital Asset Platform(R-DAP) that provides services that can be issued, guaranteed, exchanged, and traded as digital assets by evaluating the value of in-kind assets.