Elite Wolf Society

MIAMI, Feb, 22 2022 / Having worked with the likes of Red Bull, GoPro, Square Enix, and on games such as League of Legends and Call of Duty, Blizzard Entertainment artist Ken West is now taking the NFT space by storm with the imminent launch of the Elite Wolf Society collection.

At a time where the veil between our world and the metaverse is getting thinner by the minute, and as mentioned in their extensive roadmap, the Elite Wolf Society aims to bring the best of both worlds to the NFT market.

To start with, the team behind this exciting new project has already closed deals with major art galleries to showcase its (or rather its community’s) artwork IRL alongside fine pieces from world-famous artists in exclusive exhibitions.

With its real secret society vibes, the company will then work towards creating investment and business opportunities for its community members. By allowing them to link up among themselves, and to be mentored by the entrepreneurs, senior investors, tech moguls and professional athletes backing up the project, the Elite Wolf Society truly wants to provide its holders with life changing business opportunities.

That said, priceless advice and opportunities are far from being the only perk the Elite Wolf Society has to offer. Indeed, as early as March ‘22, the Elite Wolf Society will be throwing major, exclusive, VIP events in some of the most sought after places on the globe. Ever been to an off country party in a private jet? Join the pack and your luck might just turn!

Add to that a fully doxed founding team, a community fund set up for the Society to buy land within the metaverse and support its community members’ projects, and the free Elite Lion NFTs that come with owning Elite Wolves, and you have it: an inevitable NFT sensation.

Oh and heads up, someone among the lucky members that get to mint their Elite Wolves will have quite a surprise: one of the Wolves comes with a 100.000$ prize. Watch out, it could very well be yours!

Elite Wolf Society
1510 Bay Rd Miami Beach, FL
33139 United States
Twitter: @elitewolfsoc
Website: elitewolfsociety.com
Email: [email protected]