Trading cryptocurrencies is no walk in the park for amateur traders and seasoned traders alike. The nascent industry is stuffed with complex processes and terms that, at a glance, may put users off. Not only so, but as the underlying blockchain technology decentralizes governance and authority over cryptocurrencies, the value of digital currencies fluctuates significantly over short periods. This high volatility characteristic makes crypto trading even trickier, especially for new users.

Some firms may promise crypto traders significant profit margins for their investments, while other individuals may seem efficient at trading crypto. Regardless,

beneath these profit-reaping crypto ventures are one common feature – cryptocurrency trading tools, like Final Crypto Tool (FCT). These tools provide on-the-spot data on cryptocurrency price trends, insights, and infographics that enable precise decision-making to maximize gains and limit losses.

A One-Stop-Shop

To keep up with various trading aspects, traders may need multiple tools including, a portfolio simulator, a price comparison tool, or a news platform. Juggling across these platforms to access the features is quite hectic. Not with FCT, a one-stop-shop for all the necessary trading tools you will need to start making gains on your crypto portfolio. Find out more with the Introduction Video and scroll down to get deeper information about FCT’s top tools:

Portfolio Simulator

The FCT Portfolio Simulator is a crypto trading tool that allows users to create models of their would-be crypto investments and evaluate the performance even before investing. In true FCT fashion, you can create multiple portfolios and select the best profile to invest in based on your preferences, especially risk appetite and the portfolio’s gains. This tool’s models will assist you in making more precise predictions on potential profits from your preferred portfolio.

This tool has four simulation models:

  • Historic portfolio simulation – This feature models the overall gains or losses of your portfolio up to the current date. The graph visualizes the historical performance of all the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. So, you can predict the general trend into the future. You can filter the results for specific periods by tapping on tabs on the top-left of the graph to select your desired period, from as low as one month. Alternatively, you may set specific dates by selecting the calendars on the top-right of the graph.
  • Real portfolio performance – This feature provides in-depth portfolio performance analysis from the date you created the portfolio. The simulator accounts for all transactions during the period and models the real outlook of the portfolio from its creation date. Like the historic portfolio simulator, this feature allows you to select different periods for viewing the trends.
  • Asset allocation – This feature visualizes the proportions of different cryptocurrencies in your portfolio on an insightful pie chart with a table summary of its value in fiat currency and percentage. This way, you can picture the proportions of crypto assets in your portfolio at a glance.

Specific crypto performance – You can evaluate the gains or losses for distinct cryptocurrencies in a portfolio via this feature. The tool spares you the hassle of determining the best performing cryptocurrency in your portfolio, allowing you to adjust the proportions and optimize trades for huge gains.

                                                           Historical Portfolio Simulation on FCT

Beyond these models, the simulator also provides a portfolio overview, summarizing the crucial details that a trader may seek. The summary lists your portfolios and their gains and performances, allowing you to compare and determine top performers. Also, get a generalized overview of the performance of each crypto, historical, 1-year, 1-month, and real portfolio performance to evaluate the progress of your investment. Want to Create a New Portfolio? Just click on the “Create New Portfolio” tab to get started!

                                                                          Portfolio Overview in FCT

Crypto Compare

Tired of opening multiple tabs to compare your favorite cryptocurrencies? FCT’s Crypto Compare tool has you sorted out. This feature enables you to add cryptocurrencies to your list and compare them based on various factors of interest. See the highest performing token in a given period, analyze the different graphs to simulate potential gains into the future, and go on to invest wisely.

The Crypto Compare tool lists up to 100 top cryptocurrencies that you can add to compare including, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Tether, Cardano, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Uniswap. Create and save multiple comparison watchlists to cross-compare the Performances, Volume and Market Cap of each watchlist on Crypto Compare.

Using Crypto Compare

  • Open the FCT Crypto Compare page and, from the side panel named “Cryptos List”, select the tokens you’d like to compare. As you choose, the token adds to the list on the bar above the side panel. You can save it on your watchlist by naming it and clicking the “Save File” icon on the right.
  • As you add crypto to your watchlist, the graph on the side will update to include the newly added token. Each token is displayed with a distinct color on the chart to simplify the comparison.
  • Apart from Performance, you can compare the tokens’ trading Volume and Market Cap by selecting from the drop-down menu on the top-center of the graph, and it gets even better.

Choose the period you’d like to compare these tokens by tapping on the period icons on the top-left or choosing dates from the calendars on the top-right. Hover your mouse pointer on the graph to get accurate X-Y details from specific areas on the graph.

                                                                   ETH-ADA Crypto Comparison

Advanced Chart

This feature allows users to access powerful trading insights and grow their portfolios. The Advanced Chart combines a newsfeed for the latest in the world of crypto. So, traders can assess the news headlines and predict the crypto market’s performance. Additionally, traders can deploy the advanced chart to view details of whale transactions (over 1,000 BTC). This data is further visualized on the graphs to establish the transaction’s impact on the market’s performance.

Using the Advanced Chart

  • Check the boxes below the graph to access the news and transactions on the live BTC candlestick graph.
  • You can toggle between various time intervals for the candlesticks, from 1 minute to 1 week. To change your preferences, click on the drop-down tab at the top center of the graph.
  • To set the period for the information you want to access, select from the 9 options at the top left of the graph, from as recent as 1 day to the all-time market performance.
  • Also, access the vital stats for transactions within the period selected including the highest and lowest amount. Click the tab on the top right of the graph to shift to a full-screen view.
                                                                           The Advanced Chart

Up Your Trading Game with FCT

Ready to upgrade your trading? FCT’s top-notch tools bring you insightful data that is critical to your trading strategies. Select from your best-performing simulation models, comparison watchlists, or even in-depth graphical stats to boost your trade gains and minimize risks or losses.

FCT is dedicated to expanding crypto knowledge to everyone and offers free online resources to users via its Academy. Also, you can Sign up for free to access all these trading tools and take your trade to the next level.