DeFi has continued to make its mark in financial transformation through transparent, decentralized and trustless protocols. However, with over 200 DeFi projects currently functional in the ecosystem, people are faced with the problem of balancing choices between yield, security and ease of access.

Which protocols are best to stake in? Are these DeFi platforms safe? Where can I make the most yield? These are typical questions asked by both beginner and advanced DeFi users. That’s why 3Key is here to directly answer these challenges through simplified DeFi solutions.

What is 3Key?

3Key is a DeFi-centric crypto company with a core focus on helping the community to navigate through the complexities of DeFi.

The DeFi space indeed could be inundating for everyday users. Even DeFi power users have trouble keeping up with the latest yield earning strategies in the midst of extremely fast-paced DeFi developments. Along with the rising number of hacks and rug-pull occurrences, there are more than enough reasons for users to be extremely cautious when staking into DeFi projects.

3Key helps clients overcome these challenges via its state-of-the-art AI technology, LYRA to manage and maximise clients’ DeFi portfolio. The goal is to ensure clients earn the best yields with minimized risks while giving them access to hidden opportunities for returns in DeFi.

Why 3Key?

The DeFi space is convoluted and highly technical. Retail and institutional investors need a simplified platform that offers one-stop accessibility into DeFi.

The level of risks involved in DeFi investments cannot be over-emphasized. This is in fact one reason many are skeptical to get into the DeFi space. However, 3Key effectively manages clients’ risks with the aid of its security protocol and in-house team of auditing experts.

In effect, 3Key drastically reduces the time and hassle spent by users to make informed decisions. Optimal ROIs can thus be achieved by balancing risk exposure and yield aggregation strategies.

LYRA: Leverage Yield Risk Analytics 

3Key employs the use of its proprietary AI technology, LYRA or Leverage Yield Risk Analytics, to provide fundamental solutions for both institutional and retail investors. It is a system developed by 3Key’s research team to access public data. With LYRA, 3Key is able to effectively and efficiently manage counterparty risks that are involved in yield farming.

LYRA scans across all DeFi protocols and on-chain data before selecting protocols with the best yields. It constantly monitors interest rates of borrowed assets to ensure 3Key is generating returns at optimal levels. Hence users do not need to stress about what DeFi apps to invest in. 3Key takes care of that with the aid of LYRA.

KEY Advantages

Knowledge Based Analytics – With LYRA, 3Key is able to make better informed decisions, selecting safe and audited projects with the highest returns.

Economies of Scale – Superior returns are made possible by facilitating reduced transaction fees and maximizing cross-chain liquidity.

Yield Aggregation Strategies – As Yield-Aggregators, 3Key does most of the heavy legwork, simplifying the whole DeFi experience for you while maximizing returns.

How does LYRA Work?

Before funds are deployed into any DeFi protocol, there are 3 important indicators that LYRA takes into consideration:

  • Smart Contract Integrity – 3Key performs a smart contract audit on each DeFi protocol to prevent any potential rug-pull occurrence and to identify possible exploitations.
  • On-chain Data – Analyze on-chain data to ensure that assets in the various protocols are fairly distributed. This helps to prevent potential irregular activities by large token holders or “whales”.
  • Social Sentiment – Keeps track of market activities to cleverly detect any sudden changes in market sentiments and adjust strategies accordingly.

DeFi provides myriads of ongoing opportunities for retail and institutional users to generate attractive returns. 3Key’s LYRA makes higher, smarter and more optimized DeFi returns possible while balancing risk.