Herbert Sim

24 September 2021, DUBAI – Decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange, DeFinance announced an investment from crypto industry veteran Herbert Sim, founder of venture capital ‘Bitcoin Man™’. As part of the investment, Herbert will become an advisor to DeFinance, to bolster its expansion and growth.

Herbert Sim, founder of The Bitcoin Man said, “The decentralization of finance through innovation is in the DNA of DeFinance. And I am excited to have invested into DeFinance, and to be part of the DeFi revolution and ‘rebellion’, that will undoubtedly shake the industry.”

“We are excited to have Herbert Sim as an advisor and investor. His expertise in cryptocurrency and mobilizing communities will assist DeFinance by innovating and expanding its early leadership position in the market.” said Tomasz Rozmus, Co Founder of DeFinance.

Herbert, with an army of over 1-million social media across his verified ‘blue tick’ public figure pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is also the founder of Crypto Chain University, the world’s first repository for compiling blockchain and crypto research papers established in 2010. He was formerly global operations director at Huobi, and chief marketing officer at Cryptology. 

DeFi exchange, DeFinance, with its infamous logo of the The Fist that symbolises freedom and Solidarity with tagline of ‘Rebellion – Breaking the Chain’, was founded earlier this year by Tomasz Rozmus and Piotr Tymochowicz, and funded by Dubai venture capital – Ammara Capital. 

The exchange has its own native token called DEFIN, and its own stable coin called FINA, which runs on DeFinance’s own hybrid, fully verified and audited swap protocol, developed on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It has an Automated Marketing Making (AMM) protocol that allows the exchange’s users to list, trade, and convert their BEP-20 tokens effortlessly and efficiently.

About DeFinance

DeFinance is a decentralized finance exchange on Binance Smart Chain. DeFinance’s native token is DEFIN, and the stable coin issued by DeFinance is FINA. For more information: www.definance.app