At the time when bitcoin (BTC) is hitting its new all-time highs, yet another celebrity has clambered aboard the BTC gravy train, which is now building up an unseeingly unstoppable head of steam – as rap star Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter to offer her 5 million followers a USD 1 million bitcoin giveaway and muse about what a great investment the token makes.

The American chart-topping rap sensation dominated the charts this year, topping charts worldwide with the song “Savage,” releasing the album “Good News” last month and featuring on the Cardi B Billboard Chart Number 1 single “WAP.” But she has now turned her attention to BTC, through a partnership deal with Cash App, a Square-owned digital payment platform.

And shortly after her initial announcement, Megan returned to Twitter to enthuse,

“Hotties, bitcoin is a really smart investment and increases over time.”

To take part in the giveaway, which she announced on her Twitter account, followers were invited to post their CashApp addresses in response to her tweet, where she announced that she would be handing out BTC to “as many hotties as I can,” providing they used the #BITCOINMEG hashtag.

Square is the brainchild of Twitter boss and renowned BTC advocate Jack Dorsey, who appeared as keen as anyone to bask in the Megan Thee Stallion hype, hurriedly retweeting the rapper’s post.

As reported, Cash App raked in USD 1.63bn “of bitcoin revenue,” as well as “USD 32m of bitcoin gross profit” in the third quarter of FY2020.

Also known as Hot Girl Meg and Tina Snow, Time magazine this year named Megan as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Some seasoned crypto advocates expressed their incredulity, with one calling the move “alpha,” while another asked just how much the star actually knows about BTC.

Another commenter claimed this was yet another sign that bitcoin is now “taking over.”

Meanwhile, an apparent crypto newbie lamented on the thread,

“Is there like an instruction on bitcoin that anyone can rec for beginners?”

Of course there is, everyone can find it here.

Meanwhile, as reported, Brian Armstrong, CEO of the Coinbase exchange, warned investors who may be focusing on short-term speculation and encourage customers to seek out resources and consult financial advisors to better understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

“For those who believe in the potential of crypto, we also all have to believe that we’re still in the very early stages and that there’s a lot more to come,” he said.

At pixel time (08:40 UTC), BTC trades at USD 23,182 and is up by 2% in a day and 29% in a week. The price also rallied by 26% in a month and 222% in a year.