There has been much debate on topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Companies have advanced themselves recently with the vision to develop modern financial institutions. The traditional institutions appear comfortable from the outset, and the modern ones still seem distant for a layman.

The cryptocurrency wallets were primarily designed to ease the access and bring crypto assets in the primary market. It has been over a decade, and we see that most of these wallets have drifted from their primary objective.

The vision behind PayAccept

PayAccept has acknowledged these challenges and tried to bring a useful management application for all the people interested in crypto markets.

Let us have a brief look at their business components:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Amidst all the debate that there is room for digital infrastructure, PayAccept believes that the first and the foremost thing should be to increase the customer experience. Keeping this in mind, PayAccept has got a more straightforward interface than most of its rivals.
  • Simple Wallet Management: The main thing that needed to be brought in the crypto market is simple wallet management. PayAccept has come forward with the vision of providing a full-fledged conversion from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. It is also backed up with features like stablecoin conversions and swap functionality.
  • Targeting mass market and business entities: Many companies build their own software but fail to manage it properly due to a deficiency of funds. PayAccept always encourages the mass market who work on a day to day basis on cryptocurrencies.

PayAccept Card: Ease in transactions

One of the necessary facilities that a traditional finance institute such as a bank provides is cards. Banks provide you with credit and debit cards, which you find comfortable while making payments. What if the crypto market offers you the same facility with better security features?

The PayAccept card offers complete flexibility in cryptocurrencies. People with zeal in the cryptocurrency world rate it very high and recommend it to people who want to explore this market.

Features of PayAccept Card

The PayAccept Card aims to bring a revolution in the online payment by enhancing security and convenience features. Let us have a look at some of the features of PayAccept Card:

  • Globally Accepted: PayAccept’s Card is globally accepted in most of the places.
  • Contactless Payment: When the world is going through a pandemic, contactless payment is more preferable. Using a PayAccept card, you can make payments without any contact and without entering the pin. Just tap and go!
  • EMV chips: The card uses a high technology EMV chip, which opens up many ways to do your transactions.
  • Lock your card: There are often days when we do not use our cards.

The PayAccept Card offers you a feature with which you can lock your card when it is not in use. This feature increases the security as you can secure your card if you drop it somewhere, or the card is missing.

PayAccept to launch its IEO on 14th August

PayAccept has always attracted investors, and this time it is going to roll out its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The company built on blockchain technology will launch its IEO on 14th August. This event would start on 14th August 2020 at 12:00:00 (GMT) and would end on 20th August 2020 at 00:00:00 (GMT), making it a seven-day activity.

There would be a supply of 5,000,000 PAYT. The starting price of the IEO is 0.40 USD. The KYC has been kept optional.

Benefits of investing in PayAccept’s IEO

  • Trustworthy: IEO’s are always issued with the help of a third party. While adding a project, the third party always makes sure that there is no chance of a scam. Plus, PayAccept is a trustworthy company with a potential vision in this industry. So, if we are talking about trust, PayAccept is easily the most trusted company.
  • Secure: PayAccept has taken measures to manage everything nicely, even during the crowd sale. The company has coordinated with the platform and already implemented the steps to make it a secure event.
  • Transparent: All the transactions that you will make would be transparent and clear.


PayAccept has come forward with a broad vision of nullifying all things that used to keep people away from exploring the crypto market. It has come up with one of the most straightforward interfaces and an application to easily manage your finances. It has also launched its card to enable ease in doing business transactions. In a way, PayAccept is taking the crypto market to another level by revolutionizing things.