As previously planned to list our tokens after a successful fundraising we are so excited to make the date official as the most important and the easiest to remember for our community. Now we have the ability to scale our ecosystem on many fronts starting with DeFi while we currently provide solutions of trading/lending P2P commissions free. You can download the Killer dApp of Cryptos, StiB P2P. We have developed 5 smart contracts so far and 5 more this year to complete the suite to provide the best solutions of centralized/decentralized exchanges to bring Cryptos to everyone.

Our smart contracts under ENS:

  • trade.StiB.eth for trading eth with fiats globally
  • loan.StiB.eth for lending eth against fiats
  • tradeTokens.StiB.eth for trading erc-20 tokens with fiats
  • loanTokens.StiB.eth for lending erc-20 tokens against fiats
  • swap.StiB.eth to swap instantly eth/tokens and tokens/token

What we offer:

  • Cryptos-Fiats with Quick Settlements globally
  • Cryptos-Cryptos with Instant Swap
  • Commissions Free P2P trading/lending
  • Zero Collateral loans

What we plan in short term:

  • Partner with top 10 coins/tokens
  • List top 100 tokens on StiB DeX
  • Airdrop $6M worth of tokens

What we are after long term:

  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  • Universal wallets
  • Quantum + AI chain

Head over to for the last round before listing on 02/20/2020, next Thursday!