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Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have risen as an attractive form of investment in the past few years which has led to the creation of a whole new marketplace and ecosystem of exchanges around it. However, a majority of these exchanges levies high transaction fees and services charges on traders making crypto transactions highly costly. Bridge, the stellar-based payment solution ecosystem and its own native digital token called Bridge coin or BD.

Bridge ecosystem is aiming to help traders save on service charges incurred while interacting with foreign exchanges and become the go-to cost-effective payment gateway for Forex traders. The BD token is also built to function on top of Stellar blockchain which makes it’s instantly fast and secure. The token would act as the fuel for the Bridge ecosystem as well as the payment gateway.

Bridge aims to replace traditional payment systems and minimize surplus fees that occur in-trading with Forex Market. The token system also eradicates petty banking policies and control protocols that may arise due to certain regulatory restrictions from financial institutions in certain jurisdictions.

Bridge Ecosystem and Solutions

The Bridge ecosystem comprises of different payment and investment solutions for traders of all kinds be it a first time trader of a skilled experienced one. The primary three major solutions are:

  1. One PRIME:  A leading provider of online foreign exchange trading, acting like a hub that deploys the usability and utility of BD token and centralizes all the services in a single place. The platform currently consists of over 6000 active trading accounts with state-of-the-art-technology and a lucrative trading environment that offers investors and traders a superior edge in terms of trading Forex.
  2. One PAMM: A platform for managing a funding pool of multiple investors comprising of world-class experienced traders combined with Al-based research. A team of experienced professional traders and developers who expertise in technology for monitoring executions on trade level on the ONEPAMM platform. With this system, investors can rest assured that all their active investments are monitored and managed by our experts and intelligent systems to significantly reduce risks whilst generating decent profits
  3. OneClickCopyTrade: A solution that gives the opportunity to copy the master skills from any brokers. Unlike traditional copy trading, OneClick allows masters and traders worldwide to instantly Connect and securely exchange data. The unique feature of this system differs from using any traditional copy trading platforms in which the masters and the followers must be from the same broker. This specific feature is the compelling key which practically breaks down borders and barriers allowing and inadvertently compelling cross-trading among members.

The BD Token & Payment Gateway Promises To Minimize Traditional High Cost on Forex

BD Token and payment gateway is one of its kind as it promises to bring down the transaction fee by 10% and process transaction on the platform under 10 seconds. The gateway would utilize Stellar’s popular smart contracts and act as an intermediary to exchange funds. Apart from cost savings and efficient transaction speed, the BD gateway also promises a high level of security and privacy while managing those funds. The payment gateway makes it convenient to transfer and receive money between brokers and can be converted into fiat money in a remarkably short period

BD token has developed an easy-to-use, innovative profit-generating platform comprising of  OneClickCopyTrade, ONEPAMM, and ONE PRIME Forex brokers. With all of these services already in demand by a wide range of traders, BD will play an essential role in the whole ecosystem.

The BD ecosystem also comes with a digital wallet for holding and managing of digital currencies called One Wallet. The wallet is currently available as the desktop version but a mobile app is under development and will be launched very soon for both Android and iOS platforms. The wallet offers a number of services which include topping up phones using crypto payments in over 150 countries, instant buying, selling and exchange of cryptocurrencies and one can also withdraw their funds to any Mastercard.

The BD token will be available through public sale comprising of a series of ICOs and IEOs. The first IEO is scheduled to start on 1st February 2020 and will end on 26th, February 2020. The BD token has a hard cap of 300 million out of which 3o million BD tokens will be available for public sale. The public sale would be conducted in different phases and the price of the token would be increased in every phase. People can buy these BD tokens in any cryptocurrency.

The Institutional Grade Liquidity Provider

The Bridge ecosystem is hoping to become the liquidity provider for institutional-grade investors and traders with its network of payment gateways. The BD token will be listed and bridged with major crypto exchanges by the second quarter which would be followed by the launch of several trading products and services like White Label Solutions, CRM, Trading Platforms, Social Trading Platform, Asset Management Modules. Crypto-currency payment card, Online ExchangePlatform by the third quarter of 2020.

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