crypto cocktail coin


CryptoCocktail coin is a special digital currency that has been launched as tokens. It has created a new hype in the market and has already garnered a wide acceptance in the arena of digital currency. CryptoCocktail coin can be used as a currency to buy foods and beverages or products sold at different establishments. These places include different bars, grills, nightclubs, social clubs, etc.. CryptoCocktail coin has taken the initiative to reach out to 60+ different establishments. In the future, it is expected to flourish more and more.

About CryptoCocktail coin

CryptoCocktail coin is a new cryptocurrency that comes with a unique application. It shows a new way of thinking, a new application of cryptocurrency. They will show the public what are the uses of cryptocurrency and how to use them. CryptoCocktail coin is making people understand the processes of using crypto coins. Sooner or later the world will use digital money in all industries  and on all the platforms and CryptoCocktail coin can be a genuine leader.

CryptoCocktail coin is on the way of changing people’s minds about cryptocurrency. CryptoCocktail coin is for the people who know very little to nothing about Cryptocurrency. They are not here to bring a huge change in the cryptocurrency industry but to bring a whole new application of Cryptocurrency.

Partners of CryptoCocktail Coin

CryptoCocktail coin has partnered with which is for the acceptance of the Merchant program. They are going to start it in the United States in the industry of food and beverages. Also, they are stepping in the industry of entertainment. Most likely, they will be seen in the multiplexes, cinema halls, live shows, events, sport matches and theatres.

This partnership will help CryptoCocktail coin to spread awareness about cryptocurrency. So they are going to make the people aware what is a cryptocurrency and all the ways that people can use that in their daily life. Let it be in restaurants or grills or night clubs or even bars etc. The list does not end here.

Why the world needs CryptoCocktail Coins

The expected revenue of CryptoCocktail coin in 2020 is $50 Billion and having 100 million potential clients all over the world. There is no border for international payments that means you can pay to anyone living in any part of the world. Users will get a 20x faster speed of transaction while using CryptoCocktail coins.

The consumers will be benefited if they use CryptoCocktail coins to buy products. They will get handsome discounts on their purchases. Also, they will get free merchandise from different promotional events and giveaways by participating establishments. And of course, consumers will enjoy the faster speed of transactions. The payment processing is also cheaper than the others.

The merchants will be benefited if they accept CryptoCocktail coins. They will get free advertisement of their business if they accept the utility token via:

    Promotional banners

    Recognition plaque with tokens

    Local television advertisements.

    Radio ads

    Billboard ads

    Social media ads

    Internet geo-marketing

    Press release

    Merchandise for participating customers.

CryptoCocktail coin will supply the merchant with a whole payment system with hardware for the transactions. The transactions will be processed under a merchant contract with By using this payment system and hardware the payment process will be faster and cheaper than others.

There is one more thing about the payment process. has partnered with the exchange and To make the payment POS work, they are integrating their systems.

The goal of CryptoCocktail coin

Both the customers and merchants will have their benefit of using CryptoCocktail coins. The processing will be much more instantaneous. The users do not have to know the cryptocurrency industry to use the CryptoCocktail coins.


CryptoCocktail coin is the future of digital money. As it is a very safe platform and all of the consumers will get security from manipulation so that they can use CryptoCocktail coins in their daily payments. As CryptoCocktail coin has partnered with, the payment process has become faster and cheaper.