Tron (TRX) has achieved a lot since it migrated from the blockchain of Ethereum to its Mainnet. The network has also proved its decentralization further by introducing Super Representatives. The Super Representatives of Tron has greatly contributed to the success of the crypto project. They have made some significant decisions that have helped to shape the network

Recently, Binance exchange – one of the world’s most popular digital currency trading platform – voted itself as one of the Super Representatives. Another major icon on the network is Justin Sun – the CEO and founder of the Tron Foundation.

The Tron ecosystem has faced a series of allegations this year. The network has been accused of inverted price growth and slow development, among others. These accusations were in addition to the unfulfilled promises of Sun. To put the situation under check, the community came up with Tron Improvement Proposals (TIPs).

The Super Representatives of Tron would vote upon these proposals, prior to its global adoption. Today, Sun updated the Tron community on this issue via a tweet. In a tweet, Sun said:

“Our next effective proposal, Proposal #3 – Removal of GR Genesis Votes, was proposed by @_CryptoChain_ and approved by 25/27 #TRONSRs on 18/11/8.”

The genesis representatives (GR) is mainly associated with starting the network and producing the genesis block. Sometime last year, the Tron (TRX) community revoked the power of the genesis representatives in order to increase the rewards of all Super Representatives and candidates within the ecosystem of the network. The community did this irrespective of the fact that the firm had shown its concerns over an irreversible decision with some unknown potential repercussions.

After hearing the news, a digital currency enthusiast said:

“Great to see every proposal is decided by whole 27 Super Representatives. This is the power of Tron.”

At the moment, the total number of committee proposals that the Tron community has voted on is 19. Out of the 19 voted proposals, only eight has been rejected. The remaining eleven has been accepted. Tron is trying to prove it is a decentralized platform, which is one feature many digital asset investors look for.