1irstcoin LLC , a licensed financial services company, operates one of the world’s fastest, safest and most innovative trading venues for cryptocurrencies and related financial instruments commences its second IEO on P2P to increase amounts of holders for 1irstcoin token which in return comes with a bonus of about 50% token and can be gotten here: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/FST/2
The project is intended to serve a broader diversification of our tokens, as well as the refinancing of new and old projects. See attached the Whitepaper and the summary.

We have experienced a high surge in price over the few months with a massive boost in circulating supply and also market capitalization as seen in Coinmarketcap.


1irstcoin offers numerous services, ranging from getting best price orders, scanning the market places and submitting the best orders in nanoseconds down to its digital asset which is 1irstgold that allows you to exchange Goldtoken for real physical gold and this digital asset is owned by 1irstcoin LLC. 1irstcoin LLC goes beyond the normal cryptocurrency as it has solved many problems in the crypto space and still planning to solve more with its robust technology.

Our official website remains https://1irstcoin.com for FST tokens down to https://1irstgold.com for gold tokens. 1irst token holders are full share holders and they enjoy dividends made by the company which is paid out to all holders directly to their wallet in Ethereum.

Holders of FST tokens enjoy massive bonus because about 90% profits made by the company goes directly to them. 1irstcoin is a transparent and licensed company carry lots of financial activities which yield massive profits and holders of FST are seeing as stake holders of 1irstcoin LLC which their amount of stake is visible on the Ethereum network.

1irstcoin IEO stage 2 offers a whooping bonus of 50% and this is a great opportunity to be among the stake holders to benefit from the holdings in 1irstcoin LLC.

Website: https://1irstcoin.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1irstcoin

Telegram: https://t.me/m1irstcoin

Jenny Lam: Business Director and PR Manager

E-mail: [email protected]