Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin’s bullish move hit a snag when it failed to overcome the $11,000 target, making a BTC price prediction 2019 difficult. Bitcoin news today gathered that the BTC faced fresh opposition from the bears that sent the price of the BTC plummeting in minutes. BTC price analysis shows that the coin tumbled to its current price value in minutes, bringing the Bitcoin BTC to $10,167. This sudden loss has been felt by digital asset investor and traders. Xeo news today learned that analysts have a BTC prediction 2019 indicating that the BTC will rise to $13,000 before the end of the year.

BTC price analysis acquired from data from Coin360 shows the BTC reaching above $10,900 before dropping. The BTC dropped by $700, as it was unable to maintain its hold. The coin fell from $10,900 to $10,100 level. It bounced a little higher and got to $10,167. This drop comes against previous BTC price prediction 2019, made by analysts and researchers that the Bitcoin would reach the $11,000 target. The immediate support level of $10,200 is significant as that was Bitcoin’s closing price the previous week.

Digital asset investor, analyst, and regular trader Josh Rager said that the BTC was currently moving about the long term trend line, hoping to close above the $10,200 level. Records show that people’s opinion of the BTC has changed even though the BTC hasn’t traded in the $9,000 area for some months. Research carried out indicates that investors are fearful and are overselling digital assets. In light of this, analysts are making BTC price prediction 2019 favoring the BTC to drop below the $10,000 mark. On the other hand, some remain optimistic and figures from Digital Asset Research show a BTC prediction 2019 suggesting that the price of the BTC will blossom to an alarming $60,000 during the forthcoming Bitcoin halving event.

Presently, the altcoins have been suffering as the cryptocurrency market shakes and shudders. The last 24 hours have seen all major altcoins suffer losses similar to that of the BTC. Altcoin investors have been feeling the pain as the altcoins hemorrhage and shed profits like blood pouring from a torn artery. The only notable exception to the present altcoins trend was Ethereum Classic, which increased its daily gains by 12%. The BTC is expected to bounce back as BTC price analysis show that the coin may enter the bullish trend if it can get support at the $10,200 level.