Cardano Latest Update – As recently reported by Cardano news update, the Cardano Foundation has liaised with the Berlin-based blockchain venture, Konfidio, aiming to accelerate the use of blockchain models in companies, small & medium enterprises, and the government. Konfidio is a company producer and venture accelerator that utilizes the blockchain technology to form enterprise-scale Dapps and business models for both permission and permissionless disseminated systems. The utilization of blockchain technology has increased all over numerous industries globally, the utilization enhanced by numerous organizations that function on networks made on the blockchain.

In a recent announcement by the Cardano Foundation, they verified the partnership affirmed the partnership, the statement goes thus: “This is the first such alliance for the Zug-headquartered Foundation, one of the world’s leading not-for-profit blockchain organizations, and is in line with the mission to create and unlock value by driving the adoption of the Cardano blockchain.”

According to Cardano news today, the partnership will focus on use circumstances in the ensuing provinces namely: pharmaceutical industries, banking, and logistics, alongside government and public services, and trade finance. Small and medium enterprises in Germany account for 60% of German employment, and the planned partnership is believed to be tested on startups and Mittelstand companies, along with global corporates.

Nathan Kaiser, the Head of the Cardano Foundation, elucidated that Berlin is a significant “global blockchain center,” and it would increase the opportunities embedded in the partnership. Kaiser stated that the partnership would influence the reputation of the Cardano Foundation in Germany and Europe. In the report by Cardano news update, he said, “Our strategic partnership with Konfidio is yet another tangible step towards promoting and advocating Cardano and, more importantly, driving its real-life use cases. Konfidio’s home base, Berlin, is a major global blockchain center and its worldwide relevance will help us put the spotlight on our one-of-its-kind platform. Our collaboration will also afford the Cardano Foundation increased visibility in Germany and Europe.”

The founder and CEO of Konfidio, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, conveyed his opinions on the recent collaboration by stating that Cardano’s third generation blockchain promises permanency and business steadiness of genuine business models. In the report, he said, “Konfidio’s strategy is based on global decentralized platforms unlocking value across the global economy. After having researched all the Turing-complete blockchains, we believe the third generation blockchain of Cardano is best-placed to ensure the stability and business continuity of real-life business models. We are working with both global corporates and the German Mittelstand and will use Cardano’s revolutionary dual-layer architecture in developing complex Turing-complete transaction platforms. This strategic partnership will help with the development of real-world Cardano-based applications. We will also be able to provide young entrepreneurs with a combination of business model expertise and state-of-the-art third-generation blockchain as an option for their future startups. The aim is to increase the understanding of the protocol in both corporate and startup environments and accelerate value-add for both Cardano, the blockchain community and our clients.” The co-founder of the Ethereum Network and current CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has made public the news of IOHK-created project Cardano launching its version 1.6 within a few days. ADA/USD has declined from $0.0473 to $0.0452 this Friday, after a momentary bullish break on Thursday. The 200-day simple moving average (SMA 200) has traversed over the SMA 50 curve, chronicling the “death cross” trend, which signifies a bearish trend. Currently, the price is moving in a downwards frequency.