Tron and its CEO Justin Sun has made news multiple times in the cryptocurrency sphere with its developments and updates. In his latest interview with Crypto Love, Sun spoke about the upcoming plans for the Tron Foundation and how the organization plans to implement it.

Sun stated that the main focus of the company right now was the launch of the much talked about Sun Network which is slated to be launched soon. The Sun network is aimed to function as a sidechain to the existing Tron blockchain with the aim of increasing scalability on the blockchain.

The network’s testnet was launched last month with the CEO tweeting:

“#SunNetwork Testnet Has Officially Launched. The overall solution of #SunNetwork ( ) will provide unlimited scaling capacity for #TRON MainNet, bringing in more possibilities to development of TRON’s #DApps and entire ecosystem. #TRX”

The CEO stated that post the launch, it will become easier for developers to build DApps on the Tron blockchain. The DApp industry is one of the most lucrative industries for Tron and the organization has ensured that it has a major lead over its closest DApp rivals like Ethereum and EOS. According to Sun:

“Once the network is completely launched, the amount of energy and TRX spent on a single DApp will reduce drastically.”

Another area of focus for Tron was BitTorrent Speed, a protocol allowing users to transfer files and earn cryptocurrency tokens in the process. The BTT Speed website states:

“BitTorrent Speed rewards users with BTT in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, enabling faster downloads. 100 million users now have the opportunity to be a part of the tokenized decentralized internet and support content creators all around the world from their torrent client.”

Sun was confident that the new launches will pay dividends for the company as it “will propagate mass adoption”. According to the CEO, the 100 million users in the BitTorrent ecosystem along with other TRX holders will be benefited with the full implementation of the BitTorrent File System. [BTFS]. BTFS will work with the goal of enabling users to quickly and privately interact with each other without a middleman or any government intervention.