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Moozicore is all set for its first IEO launch on 5th July, with its innovative B2B background music streaming service specially designed for the businesses. There is a largely untapped business market with over a million venues with the need for background music in the United States itself which includes the likes of bars, hotels, gym, resorts, spa and many more.

Moozicore aims to tap on the needs of these businesses and provide them with millions of licensed songs that these premises can use legally and cater to the specific needs of their customer. The firm has also promised to update its versatile music playlist with latest released songs on a daily basis. It is also important to note that the Moozicore won’t be competing with the likes of B2C streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

Moozicore App and Functions

The firm has already launched a beta version of its streaming application for the users to try and test before the official launch scheduled on 3Q of 2019. The Moozicore application can be used by the customers to customize the music played at their favorite bar or restaurant through a voting system. The users can also transfer their playlist from a popular music streaming services like Spotify onto the app.

Users can download the Moozicore app and control the music vibe in venues by voting, adding and picking their favorite songs to be played next in places when Moozicore is provider of Background Music.

The app is fully integrated with TV screens in premises so each customer can display on TV & hear through the speakers what is currently playing in Moozicore venue and follow all mobile app user’s actions who just checked-in.

If a user is passing by a restaurant or gym, the app notifies them if any of their favorite music is being played at the venue. This way the service provider can benefit by bringing in new customers based on their music taste. The Moozicore services promise to change the way these venues used to operate and make them more customer compatible with various interactive and customizable options.

The app can also be used by the users to make payments for various available services and Moozicore promises to pay 20% of all the in-app revenue of each vote made to the business venue where the application has been used. 

The Initial Exchange offering and Token Distribution

The Initial Exchange Offering is scheduled on 5 July 2019 on leading crypto exchanges including Coinbene, one of the most recognized exchanges of the crypto-verse. The native token of the platform would have a ticker symbol “MZG” which has a limited supply cap of 1,000,000,000, out of these 445 million tokens would be up for the grabs during the upcoming IEO and public sale event. Right after the commencement of the IEO, the MZG token would be listed on the exchanges.

Out of the total supply of 1,000,000,000  MZG, 197 million has been saved for its marketing campaign, 147 million has been reserved for the Moozicore team, 50 millions of these tokens will be used for customer growth.

The Moozicore team has also announced a token burning program where 10% of the total in-app revenue will be the reference amount for the buyback program, and these bought back tokens will be burnt and taken out to maintain the supply-demand economics. This innovative approach would also ensure that the value of the MZG tokens rises with increasing demand and decreasing supply with time.

BIG 3 Music Record Labels on The Cards

Moozicore has got the famous top-rated lawyer Jason Boyarski on board to look after the legal affairs of the firm. The hiring is a big boost for the firm given the legal complexities involved with the music industry. Boyarski is one of the top-rated lawyers of the music and entertainment industry and has quite an astonishing client list on his cards.

On behalf of Moozicore the firm is also in talks with the Big 3 Music Record Labels which include Sony Music, Warner Music, and Universal Music Group for a licensing deal. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement on the status of the inking deal, but looking at Boyarski’s connection to the Sony music and his reputation in the field, it won’t be a big surprise if the deals are finalized before the official IEO ends.

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