The cryptocurrency market saw prices of most major cryptos fall on June 3 as the market took a sharp bearish turn. Tron [TRX], was previously ranked tenth on the cryptocurrency charts, before slipping out of the top-10 cryptos list. After a few days of ups and downs, Tron moved up to the eleventh position, overtaking Cardano [ADA].

Tron Foundation has been looking past the position of the coin in the market and focusing on its performance in terms of developments in the ecosystem. This week’s report highlighted that the Foundation had completed work on Smart Contract optimization with the new “create2”. It also designed anonymous transactions and completed the overall design documentation.

The team revealed that it would be working towards optimizing Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance [PBFT] solution and improving Transportation Improvement Program [TIP] documentation. It would also develop anonymous transactions and add unit testing.

The report added that the total node count on the Tron network was 1,353, with a block height of 9.68 million. Tron DApp count reached 459, as it added 17 new DApps. As for BitTorrent, it was promoted to the 30th position as promised by Tron and BitTorrent [BTT] CEO, Justin Sun.

At press time, TRX was valued at $0.0370, with a market cap of $2.46 billion. The 24-hour trading volume of the coin was $1.24 billion, as the coin noted a fall of 7.05% over the past day. Over the past seven days, the coin reported a growth of 11.81% and continued its upward stride by 0.43% within an hour.