Living in a world where there are loyal travelers and airlines, EDOS by EAST 2 has decided on providing healthy rewards for airlines and their loyal travelers. It is one of the finest travel service platform providers in the space. Every traveler usually looks for better discounts and rewards offered by airlines because traveling on regular fares feels underwhelming. This brings the need for EDOS to come up with fine booking services, dynamic experiences, comprehensive solutions, and more.

Balancing loyalty and privacy awareness

Every flyer’s major concern would be to choose the airline which has trustworthy reviews and good provision of rewards for an organic travel experience. EDOS makes sure that every traveler gains comfort and trust towards its services which motivates him to develop a loyal connection with it. This ecosystem works on blockchain ledger which has many benefits and offers that are applicable to earn on your entire trip. One of the best things EDOS offers to maintain good relationships with airlines as well as the buyers is that it can be spent without any constraints. EDOS provides a feature which regulates the trust and loyalty of flyers and airlines. This feature allows you to monitor and decide what data is shared, with whom and for what duration of time. This allows you to manage and enhance your relationship with your favorite travel airline channels.

One-stop destination

Being a traveler or a regular flyer, you might have got introduced to numerous issues in the past. Then EDOS will be your ultimate destination to resolve all such issues no matter they are major or minor ones. Simple EDOS is a single profile for all your travel preferences where you can take control of your bookings and customize them. Talking about customization, to receive more personalized and relevant rewards with your cherished airline company, you must build a fine profile. It is your profile that crafts your travel experience and helps you to build a better trip. EDOs provides customization which allows you to build a better trip and choose what data you want to share. All your payment methods and loyalty programs can be accessed at EDOS, eliminating the need for an alternative. This platform will act as a source in developing and engaging your relationship with your prized airline company.

Value of sharing

EDOS gives you the freedom to share whatever you want to share. Sharing your data allows you to earn instant rewards for sharing, giving you more control of your data and how you want it to be used. After earning these rewards, you can either save them for later, share them or spend them on your next trip. This is very beneficial as it enhances and focuses on your travel experience just by filling forms that hardly takes any time to do.

Considering all these choices and perks offered by EDOS, it’s clear that this platform is safe and privacy bound.  It sure feels blissful when you can collect your bonus EDOS with any vendor in the marketplace and earn on enhancements and trip extras as soon as you complete a portion of your trip. In addition to that, the payment can be made in a single transaction and has no further restrictions or limits.

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