Levolution was founded on the vision to create and develop the world’s leading utility token incubator with end-to-end solutions for blockchain entrepreneurs. From the moment of its inception, the company has been unstoppable in its quest to develop the most premier platform with state-of-the-art tools for ITO creators.

In perfect alignment with its roadmap, Levolution surpassed its softcap of 14000 ETH at the end of its ITO round. The next IEO phase on the well-respected Coineal platform was met with equal success as the previous phase.

Following its IEO, Levolution crossed another milestone and listed its LEVL token with a price of 0.00006946 BTC (as of writing) on the Coineal platform.

By listing its token on such a reputable exchange and raising substantial capital, Levolution has now indisputably entered the exclusive club of “Trustworthy ITOs”, in keeping with a study published by the Boston College. As per this study, for Contributors, those ITOs are the “safest bet” which report their capital and list their tokens on an exchange – both which Levolution has accomplished with flying colors.

The Coineal Advantage for Levolution

Coineal has been ranked among the top-ten exchanges as per CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Coinhills while boasting a monthly volume of $13Bn. With its mammoth 2 million user base, this global crypto-exchange will empower Levolution to spread its vision to as many crypto-enthusiasts as possible.

Almost 98% of the digital assets on Coineal are stored in a multi-signature cold wallet, with the platform strengthened by the highest quality risk-management system. Every LEVL transaction on this exchange will enjoy the utmost security, thanks to its effective distributed architecture and its powerful Anti-DDoS system.

Another feather on the cap is Coineal’s unique SuperCoin™ rapid trading system, which will enable high-speed trading and withdrawal of all tokens, in turn, bolstering the liquidity of LEVL tokens.

The Versatility of LEVL Tokens

The LEVL token is an ERC-20 backed virtual currency that will act as an all-in-one tool for all Levolution-related operations. It will be accepted and used for payments by the projects launched on the Levolution platform and by the partners and service providers as compensation for their services. In addition, the use of these LEVL tokens will result in many perks in the form of discounts and monetary benefits for the token users.

Levolution’s Way to Win 50,000 LEVL

To celebrate the listing of LEVL on Coineal, Levolution is giving away 50,000 LEVL in Prizes to all its users worldwide. Winners will be ranked in terms of the “total LEVL trading volume” traded on their Coineal account (including both buys and sells) across all LEVL trading pairs during the competition period.

The winner will take away an astounding amount of 25,000 LEVL, while the first and second runner-ups will get to grab 12,500 LEVL and 5,000 LEVL respectively. The rest of the 7,500 LEVL will be split among the next seven highest LEVL traders.

For more information on their terms and conditions, interested users can visit  https://www.coineal.com/notice-info-440.html#en_US

Steps to Win the Levolution Trading Competition

To immerse themselves in Levolution’s free tokens windfall, interested contributors can follow these steps:

  • Buy LEVL tokens from Levolution’s official website: https://ito.levolution.io/
  • Register on the Coineal Platform and fill in their personal information and other KYC details at https://www.coineal.com/mregister-phone.html?inviteCode=TVQEZV
  • Start buying and selling tokens across all LEVL trading pairs on the Coineal exchange.
  • Endeavor to achieve their maximum trading volume by 18th April 2019 and get a chance to become the fortuitous victor of 25,000 LEVL tokens.

About Levolution Platform

Levolution is a revolutionary virtual incubator supporting blockchain entrepreneurs to create, develop, market, and optimize their projects before, during and after the ITO.

In addition to showcasing ITOs and connecting projects with global sales teams with whom Levolution will develop working relationships, the platform will help in the areas of service provider procurement, campaign creation, campaign management, and post-ITO execution.

Its innovative model for aiding entrepreneurs has been featured on top publications, including Business Insider and Digital Journal.