In the present scenario of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining plays an imperative role. Miners are the ones that solve mathematical problems, generate new blocks, and verify transactions within the blockchain network. However, the efficiency of existing cryptocurrency mining process is majorly affected by two internal and external factors including:-

  • Internal Factor – The loss of data transmission during the phase of processing cryptocurrencies. Inaccuracy in data reading and reconstruction often leads to the loss of hash rates.
  • External Factor – The large consumption of electricity is a critical factor affecting the mining process. Heat, as well as, static loss leads to the reduction of electricity efficiency, subsequently hindering mining profitability.

REBGLO – The Next-Gen Solution

The REBGLO Mining System aims to extend effective solutions in order to make cryptocurrency more efficient and profitable. It offers both software and hardware solution – Data Transmission System and HETTARER to accomplish its objectives.

Data Transmission System (DTS)

Data Transmission System is designed and developed to solve the challenges associated with scalability and reduce power consumption in crypto-mining. In fact, the recent tests revealed that technology increases mining by offering  17.2% improvement in hash/s. Additionally, within normal processing miners have to read out and reconstruct data that is recorded in numerous unoccupied spaces on the disc takes time.

HETTARER Technology

HETTARER is an electromagnetic sticker that gathers elementary particles into a constitution state. These particles develop a protective layer that repels electromagnetic noise. HETTARER stickers last for 90 days and available for smartphones and other battery-operated gadgets.

This battery performance hack was originally devised in Japan and uses conductive paper that gathers charged particles from electric currents generating naturally from the device and air. Due to the heat generating from the device battery, these particles are boosted by the heat, resulting in reduced charging times and extended battery life.

HETTARER Stickers and Crypto-Mining

Along with improving battery performance, this hack also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by approximately 90%. Evidently, it holds the potential of improving the process of crypto-mining when it is stuck on crypto-mining rigs. The tests have shows that HETTARER sticker improves data mining speed as well as results to a great extent. The showed a 133% increase in Moero data mining within a period of 24-hours and a 114% increase in Monero mining rewards in a 48 hours period by multicurrency mining pool MinerGate.

REBGLO L2 (REBGLO Mining Optimization Level 2)

REBGLO L2 is the next phase of development for the upcoming Mining Boost Engine that delivers a futuristic mining ware optimization. It intends to optimize Instruction Level Parallelism  (ILP) and Thread-Level Parallelisms (TLP). It also aims to reduce the cache memory miss penalty via cache memory algorithms creating computation performance effectiveness system configuration. The company also plans to enter the area of ‘Electric Power Business’ and ‘Energy Business’ in the coming years and develop their own electric power company.


REB tokens power all the critical functions of the ecosystem. REB is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token. The token sale has already been implemented wherein 1 Billion tokens were issued to the public.  The tokens were distributed in the following way:-

  • Presale – 21%
  • Public Sale 5.1%
  • Airdrop- 20%
  • Advisor – 20%
  • Team – 25%
  • Bounty Program – 8.9%

The funds collected from the token sale were allocated in the following manner:-

  • Operations – 15%
  • Mining Far, – 20%
  • Market Expansion – 10%
  • Liquidity Pool- 35%
  • Product R&D- 15%
  • Market Expansion – 10%

REBGLO – Enhancing the Crypto Mining Landscape

REBGLO is a digital currency project that is developed with the concept of ‘Reboot Globalization’ and ‘Reproduction and Globalization’. The underlying objective of this project is to eliminate the inefficiencies of the crypto-mining process, making it more streamlined and effective. By extending solutions including DTS system and HETTARER technology, the ecosystem plans to solve the inadequacies and offer an energy-efficient and rewarding approach towards cryptocurrency mining.

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