Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) are in need of a bit of a shake-up right now. Between public distrust, scams, and market volatility, the offerings are headed in the wrong direction. Part of this is due to the fact that, while entrepreneurs may have great business ideas, they often lack blockchain and cryptocurrency experience. They often turn to qualified partners for help — whether directly or throπugh a third-party service — and come up short.

Levolution wants to change that. It is our mission to provide real guidance to ITO creators so they can accomplish their goals. Our technology will change the way tokens are created and launched. Dubbed the Levolution platform, we want to make it easy for entrepreneurs to navigate through the many technical and logistical they face as the launch an ITO. Levolution is designed to be flexible enough to keep up with emerging needs; when the cryptocurrency market changes at the drop of a hat, the Levolution platform has the ability to source new strategies from ITO participants and community members.

A Unique Campaign Manager

An entrepreneur has a lot to keep track of when they’re starting a company. When you add on the stress of creating and launching a token, even the most organized of people are bound to have a few things slip through the cracks. Levolution offers a campaign manager tool on their platform that makes it possible for a creator to see all of the details of their launch. It’s a central place where they can check information, track progress, and monitor transactions. This service runs off of sophisticated blockchain technology, creating a dynamic relationship with the platform and its smart contracts.

Creators can rely on the Web3 standard, making it possible to access a local or remote Ethereum blockchain node with a regular HTTP or IPC connection. In other words, project creators never have to worry that they’ll have to shoot in the dark before, during, or after their launch.

Levolution also features a unique caching system that allows users to see their campaign data, even when inevitable delays occur. ITO creators can retrieve results from blockchain operations as easily as they can look up information on a search engine. When volatility happens on a moment-to-moment basis, project creators need to be prepared.

A New Kind of Service Provider

Every project creator in the ITO space has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some bring experience in the FINTECH industry. Others just see an opportunity and know they can bring something to the table. No matter where a project creator starts though, they usually need help from specialized service providers to reach their milestones.

When profits from ITOs started making headlines, it didn’t take long before scammers set up their own sham companies to fill the growing need. Today, there are plenty of unreliable service providers for ITOs to call upon to help them launch their coin. The field is littered with consultants who are either underqualified or outright con artists.

Levolution has a database full of trustworthy service providers that project creators can call upon when they need help. These service providers have the verified reviews that project creators need to be confident in their choice. Creators can sift through reviews and seek community input before choosing a vendor who can actually do what they promise to do.

Once a project creator has made their decision, the Levolution platform makes it easy to set up a smart contract between the ITO and their appointed service providers. These contracts reduce confusion, secure services, and ensure punctual payment. The blockchain can trigger automatic payment when the services are successfully implemented without the employer having to remember a due date.

When project creators have the right tools at their disposal, their ITO launches can become far more efficient. They can get the service providers they need to market the token to the right people without exposing the ITO to potential legal hassles. Levolution facilitates all of this and much more by offering a user-friendly platform that project creators can use to get all of their questions answered in a single location.