Ripple XRP is finally listed on Kucoin, a fast-growing exchange, based in Singapore. This was confirmed in a tweet post addressed to Kucoin users, expressing the exchange’s enthusiasm in having a well performing digital currency like XRP on their platform.

This listing comes with a special offer for XRP users who would be trading with the token on Kucoin exchange platform. They will enjoy a 99% discount on the trading fee.

“XRP (XRP) is now on KuCoin. Special Offer: Users will enjoy 99% off the trading fees on XRP trading pairs (XRP/BTC, XRP/USDT, XRP/ETH, XRP/PAX, XRP/TUSD, XRP/USDC, XRP/KCS, and XRP/NEO) from Dec 3, 18:00 to Dec 10, 2018, 23:59 (UTC+8).”

Kucoin is a global blockchain digital exchange platform which has its own cryptocurrency, KCS, just as Ripple has XRP. It trades on other cryptos like; Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, USDT, and KCS.

This digital asset exchange is known for its fair profit-sharing and a distributive system where users holding their token, KCS can get 50% percent of all their daily trading revenue. Its system is basically programmed to allow users to earn enormous profit from trading with its primary token on the exchange platform.

The progress and successful operation of this exchange could be traced to the fact that it is backed up by experts in the financial field. They are GF Securities, Anti Financial, Youling, Jiangbang Communications and iBox Pay.

Plans for listing  XRP on this exchange have been under deliberation for some time now but perfected this month. Though Kucoin exchange is a bit new in the crypto market, it has been able to house so many digital currencies including the top ones on its platform.

This exchange seems very promising and viable enough for investors who may be interested in buying into new cryptos. They would have the opportunity to hold new cryptos while they are still very cheap with signs of getting to the top in the nearest future.

Ripple XRP is one the digital assets that still gain favors and admiration from numerous investors and partners irrespective of the unfavorable condition in the cryptocurrency market